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Hello and welcome. I am the host of your new Philadelphia Weekly event calendar, Len Webb, and it will be my duty and privilege to give you a peek into the happenings of our city, so that you may plan your week’s entertainment accordingly. Now, because I work best with a co-host, we’ll get to your part in our arrangement in just a minute but first…Who am I?

I’m Len. Born in South Philly, raised in Germantown. Port Richmond’s been my home for a few years now; feels like my landing spot. I’m a cartoonist (Batman’s White Board on Instagram) and a writer; worked on Mystery Science Theater 3000’s latest season (Doctor Druid is insane). I’ve worked in local radio (shout-out to G-Town Radio and PhillyCAM) but my heart is in podcasting. For 10 years, I produced and co-hosted Black Tribbles (call me The Bat Tribble*), celebrating geekdom in all its shapes, sizes and colors with the coolest nerds in the city. Since 2016, I’ve spent every single week reviewing every Black film ever made with my partner, Vincent Williams, on the Micheaux Mission podcast.

Why me? Just like you, I’m always looking for things to do during the week —something new, attractive or amusing, intriguing or enticing. Something to turn the Monday Mopes into Wait-until Wednesdays. Philadelphia Weekly has given me the opportunity to present you with a menu of all the goings-on that our town has to offer.

Now here’s where you come in. Yes —you.

Philadelphia Weekly gets plenty of press releases, gallery opening invitations, event notices, blah, blah. I’ll handle that part. And I’ll be in the streets showing love for Vinyl Tap Saturdays at Amalgam Comics, or the return of a live DTF Fun Hour (been too long!); events we wish we knew about ahead of time so we could be there. We ALL know those joints. So let’s share them with the rest of us Weekly Phillies.

You tell me and I’ll tell the rest of us. Email me at, the new A&E Tribble on the scene.

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