A list of Super Bowl 2023 commercials to watch out for this Sunday

At a time of ad world cost-crunching that sees Netflix teamed with General Motors, the MCU tied to Heineken, Jake from State Farm united with TikTok and DraftKings working Coors, new commercial viewing during the Philadelphia Eagles-Kansas City Chiefs match-up during Sunday’s Super Bowl is still the second best reason to watch the Big Game – Rihanna’s halftime show being the first. BOOM.

Here is a great list of the ads we have seen it advance that will keep you enthralled during the Super Bowl and how I am rating them.

U2’s Sphere Las Vegas Residency

las vegas

In order to promote the state of the art new MSG Sphere performing space in Las Vegas, Bono, The Edge & Co. hit the airwaves, weirdly.

Give this a 7.

Downy Softener

Did you know Downy is actually making viewers watch until the Big Game for the celebrity spokesperson reveal?

Fuck Downy. It’s a fabric softener. Give this a 1

Air with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

The Air Jordan history with mean faced Affleck as goofy red headed Phil Knight. Big ups

Give this an 8.


Everyone’s favorite EZ to slip-on sneaker company, Sketchers, hired Snoop Dogg, his cooking show bestie Martha Stewart and several of their friends to show off how to get things done with maximal comfort and limited fashion-ability.

Give this a 5.

T-Mobile’s New Year, New Neighbor program

A proudly bald John Travolta dances around a garage door in Grease like fashion with new neighbors from the old Scrubs series Donald Faison and Zach Braff in praise of their fresh phone company. Weird. Cool.

Give this a 7 on sheer oddity.

Pepsi Zero Sugar: Great acting or great taste?

ben stiller steve martin

Steve Martin and Ben Stiller unite for several different ads comparing the comic vision of who is the better actor and how has the more highly define taste. I always pick Steve Martin, but the testiness between them is gorgeous. And look for the Zoolander reference in Stiller’s side of the ledger.

Give this a 9. Actually, my favorite commercial of the Super Bowl and beyond.

Google’s #Fixed on Pixel

Stand-up comedian Amy Schumer hypes up Google’s magic eraser designed to unblur and fix things in the mix of any photo on its Pixel smartphone camera. “Wait, I can erase my exes?” Schumer says as she makes it all look so easy.

Give this an 8 on Schumer personality.



The new triangle shaped Doritos gets a shout out from triangle playing Jack Harlow in a love triangle with Missy Elliot and Elton John.

Silly. Give this a 6.


If you have long said to yourself what would it look like if Raekwon from Wu-Tang Clan, celebrity chef Matty Matheson and animated Nickelodeon character Tiny Chef got together to shop for the freshest groceries online, here’s your shot.

Give this a 3 for concept but 8 for anything Wu


In a psychedelic ad titled ‘The Singularity” for a website that devises other websites, actor Adam Driver repeatedly turns into multiples of himself. Then again. Then again.

Give this a 7 for existential ennui.

Peacock streaming network’s Poker Face

Star and Poker Face co-creator Natasha Lyonne taking the hot air out of other Super Bowl ad while hyping her new Rian Johnson series on Peacock? Big yes.

Give this a 9. It’s Poker Face.

Paramount Plus streaming network, Stallone faces off

Not to be outdone by Peacock, Paramount Plus features one f its biggest stars not in Yellowstone, Sylvester Stallone, in his Tulsa King get up going against Dora the Explorer, Star Trek’s Captain Pike, Lower Decks’ Beckett Mariner, 911’s Lieutenant Dangle, and Stallone’s own three daughters, Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet, for laughs and adventure

Give this an 8.

Uber Eats

Puff Diddy, Daddy, Sean Combs does not do commercial jingles. Until this one. That’s the gist. Nah.

Give this a 2.

Avocados from Mexico’s Make it better campaign

Scary Movie star Anna Faris as Eve, the original woman, is pretty cool, especially as she offers a picture of a world where avocados have replaced apples as the forbidden fruit

Give this a 4.


One-time New England Patriots star (not Tom Brady) Rob Gronkowski attempts a field goal—the “kick of destiny”—live during the Big Game.  If he nails it, FanDuelers who bet can win big cash.

Give this a 3. FanDuel gives me a headache.


Mellissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy in a big rd wig is looking to go absolutely anywhere and proves as much in a big Broadway worthy musical travelogue. “A beach house, a tree house. Honestly, I don’t care,” she sings. Fine

Give this a 6. 

GM + Netflix

Comic actor Will Ferrell promotes electric cars for General Motors in tandem with Netflix’s new world of old zombies ala Army of Darkness, and making the pitch for Netflix using more electric vehicles in its movies and TV shows. Then, Ferrell ride off in GM’s new electric Hummer the guys from “Queer Eye.” Huh?

Give this a 5 for star power.


The business management software company Workday gets Pat Benatar, Joan Jett Gary Clark Jr., Paul Stanley of KISS, Pat Billy Idol and Ozzy Osbourne to talk about the hard work of being a rock star, then pop up at the office to proof how their gig is no laughing matter.


Hellman’s Mayonnaise

pete davidson

Pete Davidson, Jon Hamm and Brie Larson talk up egg whites in front of an open refrigerator. Eh.

Give this a 3.

Bush’s Beans

One-time baller Peyton Manning talks about practicing for his starring role in this commercial for baked beans. He’s so winning a personality.

Give this a 6.

Mr. Peanut: The roast

While one may have thought that Motley Crue’s drummer Tommy Lee was auditioning for Mr. Peanut with his recent naked “nuts” Tweet (UGH), this commercial for Planters’ Mr. Peanut feature stand-up comedian roast master Jeff Ross and other fellow stand-ups taking down the top hatted, monocle wearing giant.

Give this an 8.


Kevin Bacon, riffs on his “six degrees from Kevin Bacon” trope for the love of beer

Give this a 5.

Michelob Ultra

Tennis great Serena Williams and Succession’s crabbt Brian Cox riff on the ‘80s movie Caddyshack for the love of beer.

Give this a 5.


Still new paint smelling MCU actor Paul Rudd appears as Ant Man in an ad for the love of non-alcoholic beer.

Give this a 5.

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