Upper Darby’s Jamie Kennedy discusses his controversial new role in ‘Roe V. Wade’

Jamie Kennedy
Jamie Kennedy as Larry Lader in ‘Roe V. Wade’ | Image: Alan McIntyre Smith

The most monumental Supreme Court decision in U.S. history is cast in a very different light through the lenses of Nick Loeb and Cathy Allyn, co-directors of the new film, “Roe V. Wade.”

As they tell it, a massive conspiracy is what led to Roe winning her case in the end, and only a few people on the sidelines had the guts to speak out on behalf of the unborn. “Roe V. Wade” tells the story of 1960s abortion Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who has a change of heart after seeing his first sonogram and decides to fight against the practice he once performed daily.

Upper Darby’s Jamie Kennedy plays Larry Lader in the film. Lader, sometimes described as the “Father of abortion rights,” founded what is now NARAL Pro-Choice America and is credited with being one of the first to enable women’s access to abortion on-demand. Kennedy said playing Lader was weird – and cool – at the same time. But Hollywood critics have lambasted him for contributing to a movie project that the filmmakers say sheds a blinding light on such a sensitive subject. 

PW editor Jenny DeHuff recently talked to Kennedy over Zoom to get his reaction to all of it. Here’s what he said:


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