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$250 million

That’s how much New York’s Tunnels to Towers Foundation has donated to families of fallen first responders since its inception. Last month, a Philly family became the recipient of a great gift. Tunnels to Towers paid off the mortgage on the home of slain Philadelphia Police Sergeant James O’Connor, who died earlier this year and left behind his wife and three children. 

The foundation was created in 2015 and pays off mortgages for the families of law enforcement officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty who leave behind young children. Its goal is to ensure stability and security to families facing sudden, tragic loss. O’Connor, a 23-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, was shot and killed in the line of duty while serving a homicide warrant in March. 


“The United States government is making late-model Philadelphia mafia look sophisticated.” – Tara Murtha, communications head at Women’s Law Project and former writer for PW. 

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Putting down her pen

At the end of 2020, Philly bid a happy retirement to one of the most talented editorial cartoonists to ever have parodied its politicians, its people and the state of our city – Signe Wilkinson. Wilkinson sketched for the Philadelphia Daily News for 30 years and until more recently, The Inquirer. As the first female cartoonist to win a Pulitzer Prize, she found a way to stick a finger in the eye of our elected officials without bludgeoning them. For many, she will be missed. 

Eagles letdown

After Sunday’s dramatic disappointment for Philadelphia Eagles fans, CBS3 sports anchor Pat Gallen asked his Twitter followers to sum up the entire Eagles season in exactly four words. The response that garnered the most likes: “My wife left me.” (LOL) 

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A little less Pep…

…In our step knowing that the Allegheny Avenue Pep Boys, owned by billionaire Carl Icahn, will soon be closing, the Inquirer reported on Sunday. The company, which turned 100 in the New Year, suffered losses in recent years due to a credit rating downgrade and was forced to close stores and garages across the country. 

Many are criticizing the move, saying that Philly – and the northeast especially – rely on Pep Boys’ investment for jobs. Manny, Moe and Jack were unavailable for comment. 

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