The Scene: Meek Mill at The Met

Dreams. Nightmares. What’s the difference, really?

Well, in one, Brandon Graham doesn’t power through the New England defensive line, placing his Michigan-bred mit in the just-right spot to poke the pigskin, clutched ever-so-tightly by the supposed Greatest Quarterback to Ever Play the Game, free, sending it spiraling to the field, bouncing once, twice, before being collected by a wide-eyed Derek Barnett, all but sealing the Patriots’ fate and propelling Philadelphia’s (and Philadelphia-born Meek Mill’s) beloved Iggles to the very first Super Bowl championship of their storied and, undeniably tortured, history.

In the other?

Well, he does. And so, here we are, living The Dream, The Most Perfect Timeline, wherein Graham did just as he was meant to, ruining Tom Terrific’s last-gasp comeback attempt and conjuring a new era of Philadelphia Sports Greatness that may well, in time, extend even beyond the confines of the gridiron (We see you, Bryce!).

But none of that, none of the glory, the shock, the celebration (the Parade, people … the Parade!) would have been possible, were it not for Meek Mill aka Meek Millz aka Robert Rihmeek Williams aka The Man Who Provided the Soundtrack to the Greatest Sports Upset of All Time.

This is your chance to say thank you, to show your gratitude. To relive that moment, announcers scrambling for a reaction, players scrambling on the field, fans scrambling for some semblance of sanity as the ball tumbled to the turf and we all realized, maybe for the first time, the very first time, that we weren’t living the same old Nightmare after all.

Dreams. Nightmares. Possibility. Meek.

Meek Mill at The Met | March 15 & 16. 8pm. Prices vary. The Met Philly, 858 N. Broad St.


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