We will rock you!

Actually, MilkBoy the Studio will, we’re merely the muse for the legendary studio’s release of the top 100 rock bands of all-time. If you want to see the list and discuss, visit milkboy.tv/the-list and leave your comment there. MilkBoy tells us that the team is currently working on a follow-up featuring a countdown of the top hip-hop acts of all time, a list PW plans to host across all of our platforms once the dust has settled on what we’re sure is one hell of a debate session inside MilkBoy’s N. 7th St. studios.

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      Kerith Gabriel is the former editor-in-chief at Philadelphia Weekly but somehow hasn’t figured out that means he doesn’t have to write nearly as much. As a routine contributor, journalism has been in his blood since his beginnings as a sports writer over a decade ago for the Philadelphia Daily News.

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