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  • Top 20 Spectrum Moments

    You could call it a bad omen that the roof blew off the five-month-old Spectrum during the Ice Capades in 1968, but I think the arena was just asserting itself. […]

    • Nov 3, 2009
  • What does it take to make the NBA

    It is 4:17 on a Thursday afternoon and Dionte Christmas and I are standing underneath the northernmost basket on the main court of Temple’s McGonigle Hall, talking hoops. He’s just […]

    • Jun 17, 2009
  • Zunegate

    OK. So let’s get things straight. I want to correct what I said yesterday about Obama using a Zune. I claimed that it was his Zune. I don’t know for […]

    • Dec 3, 2008
  • Cardio with Obama

    My morning routine usually starts off the same way every day. Wake up, go to the gym, grab a coffee and go to work. But when you get patted down […]

    • Dec 2, 2008
  • Meet South Philly’s Stoya

    She is young, 21, smokes Parliament Lights, and inhales deep with every drag before blowing out, visibly young — her pale skin soft, real, not manipulated. Her features are unmarked. No makeup […]

    • Nov 12, 2008
  • The Fishtown Effect

    month ago, Ben Smith, a writer for political blog and newspaper The Politico, posted a two-sentence blurb about Philly in his online column. Smith wrote: An Obama supporter, who canvassed […]

    • Oct 29, 2008
  • I Was an Obama Volunteer

    The elevator doors slide open into what feels like an adult kindergarten class. Campaign staffers pinball around the room like dizzied Duck Duck Goose contestants, stopping only to answer questions […]

    • Apr 16, 2008
  • There Will Be Blood … and Weed Whackers.

    The Viking Hall at Ritner and Swanson streets has been lots of things since becoming the New Alhambra in 1992: a bingo parlor, a Mummers practice space, a boxing palace […]

    • Feb 13, 2008
  • Letter to the CEO

    Presented here, in its entirety, a letter from “A Group of Dedicated WHYY Employees” to their uber-paid CEO and President William J. Marrazzo. Seems things still aren’t all that happy over on […]

    • Sep 5, 2007
  • Fumbling Toward Portland

    Megaloping has only three simple rules. One: All vehicles used must be operated by a public transit company. Two: Using regional or long-distance transit systems is forbidden. Three: No megaloper […]

    • May 30, 2007

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