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  • Yeomen of the Guard

    The Savoy Company celebrates 100 years of taking on Gilbert and Sullivan. There’s a story some members of Philadelphia’s Savoy Company like to tell, more often somberly than with a smirk. Up until 10 years ago, in an almost bacchanalian climax to their annual season of Gilbert and Sullivan productions, they would...

    • Sep 20, 2001
  • Q&A: Peggy Moffitt

    Like Twiggy’s figure and Cindy’s mole, Peggy Moffitt’s cropped bangs, pernicious smirk and harrowing eyelashes are part of Fashion’s Lexicon of Looks. More than mere model or muse, Peggy Moffitt was/is a collaborator; an equal in the androgynous aesthetic of Rudi Gernreich. Together they made functional, affordable fashion move, literally and figuratively, in...

    • Sep 13, 2001
  • So Sorry

    Apparently a simple apology was too high a price to pay. There’s an odd little comment at the end of Philadelphia Newspapers Inc.’s (PNI) statement, released last Friday, about the multi-million-dollar settlement of the libel suit brought by former Inquirer reporter Ralph Cipriano. The one-page release quotes Inquirer Editor Robert Rosenthal, whose...

    • Jan 11, 2001
  • Meet the Parents

    Though Robert DeNiro’s is the biggest name associated with Meet the Parents, the smartest thing the film’s creators did was snare Ben Stiller to play opposite him. As Greg Focker, the anxious boyfriend who’s scheduled to meet his girlfriend’s parents for the first time on the occasion of her sister’s wedding, Stiller draws on...

    • Oct 5, 2000
  • Fuschia Pop

    In a perfect world, alterna-elitists would learn to stop worrying and love sleek teeny-pop: Mandy, Britney, Christina, ’N Sync. Pain is pain. Being alone, withdrawn and despised is not just the province of punk rock. These squeaky-clean stars, in their own daft way, project adolescent concerns (even if the one guy in...

    • Jun 4, 2000
  • Sinking Ship

    Once a Pulitzer-winning machine that dominated the region, the Inquirer today is losing readers faster than any major paper in the country. What went wrong? Whenever he reaches the point of looking back on his time as editor and executive vice president of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Robert J. Rosenthal probably will not...

    • Oct 21, 1999
  • The Where Ship? Project

    The Navy says it never happened. Sailors who served on the ship in question say it never happened. Even some investigators once intrigued by the decades-old story eventually came to the conclusion that it never happened. And yet debate over what was unimaginatively dubbed The Philadelphia Experiment rages on. Marshall Barnes stands...

    • Aug 19, 1999
  • Barbara Gittings

    A gay activist long before people were even calling themselves gay, Barbara Gittings has been fighting the good fight for almost 50 years. She flunked out of her freshman year at Northwestern because she was spending most of her time in the library trying to find something that would help her understand...

    • Apr 22, 1999
  • Glory Days

    “Remember when Bruce played the Trenton War Memorial?” says Sciaky. “Yeah, I was late for that gig,” laughs Federici, Springsteen’s longtime keyboardist, now in Cutrufello’s band. “It never got better than that,” says Sciaky, shaking his head with a smile. Cutrufello, 27, gazes up at the tall, gray-haired DJ. “Oh surely it...

    • Nov 26, 1998
  • David Wyndorf Interview

    Rock may be struggling on the radio and dying on the charts, but it’ll never die if Dave Wyndorf has his way. As frontman for New Jersey’s finest psychedelic metal band Monster Magnet, Wyndorf creates some of the most brazenly outrageous, eardrum-splitting music around. Yet he also knows how keep it smart...

    • Jul 30, 1998

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