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Ring out this miserable year in style

The city is ready to party. We just need to know where and how this year.

NYE sparklers
If your fine establishment is planning something great for NYE, we want you to tell us so that we can tell everyone else. | Image: Marisol Benitez

The steaming cesspool of woe that is 2020 is almost over. It’s time to say goodbye and welcome in a surely much better 2021.

But how can we do that in style, with everything pretty much closed?

We’re not sure, so we’re asking Philly and Philly-area restaurants and bars to tell us if they have anything special planned for New Year’s Eve. Pickup and delivery options? Actual in-person dining and celebrating if you’re out of the city limits, but not too far out? Special deals, meals and drinks? Just, please, give us something fun to do this New Year’s Eve.

If your fine establishment is planning something great for Dec. 31, we want you to tell us so that we can tell everyone else. Just send an email with all of the info to mail@philadelphiaweekly.com by Dec. 17. Then, in our Dec. 24 edition, we’ll publish a hopefully extensive list of where people can go or what they can do to celebrate a new year finally arriving.

So don’t delay and don’t be shy. People are really ready to kick 2020 to the curb, and they want to do it in style. Send us your NYE specials so that everyone knows where to go to have fun, eat great food, etc. this Dec. 31.

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