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Grammy-nominated The Record Company makes a stop in Philly on Oct. 27 at Theatre of Living Arts. Image | Travis Shinn

Grammy-nominated rock band The Record Company is hitting the road for their 32-city Play Loud Tour, with a stop in Philly at Theatre of Living Arts on Oct. 27. 

Fresh off the heels of their No. 1 Most Added single at AAA Radio, “How High,” the band recently unveiled a new song, “Paradise.” The track is from their highly anticipated third studio album, “Play Loud,” which is set for release Oct. 8 on Concord Records. 

For tickets and info about the show, which is presented by WMMR and includes JJ Wilde, visit

“Play Loud” is produced by Grammy-winning producer Dave Sardy (Oasis, Wolfmother, Modest Mouse, LCD Soundsystem) and finds the band collaborating with outside songwriters for the first time ever, including Kevin Griffin and Sam Hollander on “How High.” 

The Record Company consists of guitarist/lead vocalist Chris Vos, bassist Alex Stiff and drummer Marc Cazorla. “Play Loud” is the follow-up to the band’s critically lauded sophomore album “All of This Life.” 

The band’s debut, “Give It Back to You,” earned it a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Blues Album. The critically acclaimed record produced three Top Ten hits at Triple-A radio. 

PW recently caught up with Wayne’s own Stiff to talk about the band’s new music and upcoming show.

The Record Company got together a decade ago. How did you decide you would be a good fit? Who were some of the band’s early influences?

Me and Marc were college friends and had played in bands together for years. We had known Chris for a couple of years in Los Angeles, and the three of us had a great chemistry as friends before we decided to play formally. We bonded over records like “Hooker N’ Heat” (John Lee Hooker and Canned Heat), as well as the earliest Rolling Stones records like “Now.” Our earliest shows were at a small bar called Harvard & Stone in East Hollywood, and after our set, the promoter would DJ, playing strictly 1950s and ‘60s early rock n roll. He had quite a rare and unique collection, but I suspect hearing those songs blasting loud and watching people dance to them was inspiring as well.

“Play Loud” is your third album. Talk a little about how it came together and how it’s different from your first two albums. How can people get it?

We flipped the whole process on the new record “Play Loud.” We had always done everything ourselves, in our own little bubble, recording at my house. This time around, we wanted to reach out and grow the sound. I had produced the first two records, and personally wanted a change there. 

In addition to finding an amazing producer, Dave Sardy, who has worked with some of our favorite bands like Oasis, Modest Mouse, The Who, Band Of Horses, we were open to collaborating with songwriters, and just generally opened up the possibilities to try new things, take more risks, and expand. Another big change was that we made sure we gave ourselves time off the road, to write the best songs we could without any interruptions. 

The new album is high energy and fun. It’s our best work, and you can purchase it at record stores,, stream it on your favorite platforms, etc. Comes out Oct. 8!

The Record Company is back on the road in support of their new album, ‘Play Loud,’ which comes out Oct. 8. Image | Kimberly Zsebe/ZBimages

You kick off a 32-city tour this fall in support of the album. How excited are you to be back on stage after the pandemic? What will your fans see when they show up at the Theatre of the Living Arts Oct. 27?

We can’t wait! We’ve played a few scattered shows already, and it’s amazing. We’ve added two incredible musicians (Johnny Elkins and Wesley Flowers) on guitars and keyboards that really fill out the sound without taking away from the core of what we do. The new material is going over really well. It’s going to be a dance party. 

Let’s look back at The Record Company’s success. What are some of the highlights you’ll remember when you reflect on your career? 

I’m proud of the fact that we started a band after so many years of failed groups, projects, day jobs, and let downs in the music business. We learned from past mistakes and kept at it. We made a record in my living room, for basically zero cost on cheap equipment, and it allowed our dreams to come true. It’s truly a thrill to come home to Philly and have such a receptive audience. It’s been a slow climb, but we are just hitting our 10-year mark, and we hope it’s only the beginning.

Since you’re from Wayne, we have to ask: What’s your favorite Philly cheesesteak?

I’m partial to the local spots I grew up with. Landis in Wayne was always a favorite. I liked the chicken cheesesteak at Bryn Mawr Pizza. (I also worked there as a delivery guy for a minute!)

What are the best ways for your fans to stay current with what you’re doing?

We are very active on social media, and enjoy giving behind-the-scenes glimpses into our world as often as we can. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook, just search “The Record Company.”

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