Holiday Gift Guide 2020

holiday gift guide
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The holidays are here! PW has rounded up a number of businesses that are ready to satisfy all of your gift-giving needs – whether it’s something for family and friends, or a little present for yourself.

Monster Pets

If you’re looking for a pet store that treats you like family, you have to check out Monster Pets. The family owned store has served the community for 20 years, and employees know their customers – and their customers’ pets – by name. 

When you step inside Monster Pets, you’ll find an array of pet food and supplies, as well as small animals, birds, reptiles and tropical fish. They have something for everyone, all at low prices. And, unlike the big box stores, Monster Pets caters to each customer individually and its staff is genuine. They don’t have an exact script to read from and are big enough to serve the community, but with a friendlier, more inviting atmosphere.  

Recently, Monster Pets has undergone a number of improvements and additions. New management and its team of amazing people are here for the love of the store and its customers. The tropical fish department has been completely remodeled into a truly amazing aquatics experience. Step into 1,200 square-feet of every tropical fish you could imagine, from African Cichlids to Fancy Goldfish. The store also has brand new, state-of-the-art self dog washes.

Even better, regular customers can easily gain rewards just for shopping. The Monster Pets Club Card offers rewards such as free bags of dog or cat food, $25 coupons and more. It’s a simple points system and not hard to attain, like some other stores. 

If you’re looking for holiday savings and sales, Monster Pets has you covered. In addition to its Black Friday Sale, there will be ongoing holiday sales throughout the season that will offer fantastic discounts off of already low-priced items.

Stop by to check out Monster Pets today. You can find them at 1946 S. Columbus Blvd., or call them at 215-336-9000. Want to keep up with what they’ve got going on daily? Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Image: Nathan Lemon on Unsplash

Omorose Natural Products

Omorose in Egyptian means beautiful. And you will look and feel your best when you use hair care products from Omorose Natural Products.

Omorose Natural Products started when founder and CEO Katrisha Tinsley noticed just how badly she had damaged her hair. Katrisha searched for high quality natural hair products that would help restore the much needed moisture, strength and shine to her hair but found no such products. She began to research and experiment with various natural ingredients to make her own hair products until she created a combination that worked wonders. That’s when she began to see an immediate difference in the overall health of her hair. Wanting other women to share in this new found joy and reap the benefits of using her products, Katrisha became inspired and thus the Omorose Natural Products Hair Care line was born. 

Omorose now carries a wide variety of products for both men and women, including a number of kits for hair growth and retention, beard grooming and more. All of the products are 100 percent natural, work well on all types and textures of hair, and even are safe for children. Top-selling products include the Hair Growth Serum, Hair Growth Starter Kit and Hair Growth and Retention Bundle.

Want special deals and offers? Subscribe to Omorose’s mailing list and Text VIP Club.

Also check out Omorose’s holiday day sale starting on Black Friday for 40 percent off using discount code HOLIDAY40, plus a free gift, while supplies last.

If you want to improve the health of your hair, contact Omorose Natural Products at their website or call 800-592-6291. Omorose is open Monday to Friday, 11am-5pm. To stay up-to-date with them, follow Omorose on Instagram or Facebook.

Chestnut Hill Cleaning

The holidays can get messy. Fortunately, there’s one company in Philadelphia who can help you clean up.

Chestnut Hill Cleaning offers mainly commercial cleaning, as well as residential service, window and carpet cleaning, and even snow removal throughout Philadelphia. 

As a bonus, Chestnut Hill is offering 15 percent off its services throughout the holiday season. Just mention you saw its ad in Philadelphia Weekly to claim the discount.

The company is Black-owned by a young entrepreneur who mainly hires other people who are young.  

Giving back to the community is very important to Chestnut Hill Cleaning, and one way is through its Sky Is The Limit Program. The program instills the ideas of entrepreneurship to school-age children. Chestnut Hill teaches them the basics of being an entrepreneur through the use of various sporting activities and classroom instruction.

“It’s important to me, because I remember my path to entrepreneurship was always kind of trying things out and hoping they work without too much real guidance,” said Jonathan Williams, who founded the company when he was just 16 years old. 

“I want the future generation of entrepreneurs who may not see a line of work that’s usually pushed to them know that it’s possible to start their own business, as well as how to maintain it.”

Reach out to Chestnut Hill Cleaning today for more information or to get a free quote. You can find them online or call them at 215-919-9328.


Looking for a gift of custom made jewelry this holiday season? Or maybe you want to reward yourself with not only some jewelry, but lip gloss or press-on nails.

Safaridesignss has you covered. 

Nina Anderson started her business in 2016. 

“I always wanted to be a fashion designer,” she said. 

“I love being the only person with something, so that made me want to start my own line of fashionable items. I started out making choker necklaces and gradually went onto making lip gloss, jewelry, and press-on nails. I taught myself how to do each task by watching YouTube videos and doing research on the materials I’d need.”

Safaridesignss is different from others in that you can really get what you want, not what someone else has designed.

“I provide a service where you can come to me with an idea or a design, and I make it come to life,” Anderson said. 

“People should shop with me because it will give them a lot of room for creativity. Most businesses similar to mine only offer a certain range of designs that are pre-set. On the other hand, with Safaridesignss, I offer many options and ways to express yourself through fashion.”

So what is the most popular item at Safaridesignss?

“My most popular product is my press-on nails,” Anderson said. 

“Press-on nails are a quick alternative to getting your nails done at a shop that can be glued on or held down with adhesive tabs.”

Ready to check out Safaridesignss? You’ll see all it has to offer and can make purchases on Instagram: @Safaridesignss.

Image: Ben White on Unsplash

Scented Shadows

Don’t give a boring gift this holiday season. Instead, check out Scented Shadows and make someone really happy.

Scented Shadows is the place to find the perfect scented candles and wax melts and logo lighters. When you go to its website – – you will find a wide selection from which to choose. If you’re not sure, check out the shop’s best sellers: After 9:30, a blend of strawberry guava and passionfruit for the perfect sweet combination, and Mango Madness. Both scents are sweet and fruity.

Even better, you’re going to find fantastic prices. Scented Shadows has items to fit any budget.

Scented Shadows was founded in 2019, and since its first day, it’s brought the best selection of products and merchandise to its customers. The name has become synonymous with quality throughout the entire Philadelphia area. They do their best to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic items, along with unique, limited-edition and seasonal items to fit any budget.

“Three years ago, I had the thought to create my own candles, but was not sure to start,” said Teauntay Dukes.

“One day, I searched the basics to create a candle, took my finished product to work, and days later a coworker gave me courage to make a business. I trusted in myself to perfect my craft.” 

In the future, Scented Shadows wants to open a storefront in the inner city to build relationships with its customers and welcome them to be accessible to its products and offers.

So make the right choice this holiday season and buy a great gift for friends and family – or maybe just treat yourself.

Check out Scented Shadows online, or follow them on Instagram. They also can be reached at (267) 388-1298.

Deame’s Bettah Buttahs

Deame’s Bettah Buttahs is a Philadelphia homegrown company that creates and handcrafts beauty products for the skin and hair with aromatics for the home. Our idea was to create products designed to hydrate your skin and hair without harmful and unnecessary preservatives. 

The store owner’s little sister was diagnosed with eczema of the scalp at the age of two and the products in the beauty store weren’t working. Her hair was actually falling out. She then decided to research and create products that would heal ailments that we had no control over having. 

The decision was simple; creating natural products would keep the skin and scalp regulated. We have designed all of these products from the raw oils and butters, fragrances from the leaves and petals of flowers and plants, the barks of trees, and the peels of fruit. 

Our top selling products are our blended butters that are creamy and absorb moderately into the skin creating a moisture barrier to keep the skin hydrated all day. We recommend pairing our soaps for proper hydration, balance, smoothness and layering of scents. While everyone has their own personal favorite options, Tangerine Grape is one of many of our top selling products. 

Along with our soy based candles that we now have over 50 scents available, our shampoo trios offer a hydrating deep cleanse and simple detangle. The credo we stand by is to deliver top quality luxury products at affordable prices for everyone. The options we have available are optimal for everyone and we have created a one-stop shop for the skin and hair while adding home options as well. We believe that we deserve natural products without fillers or harsh preservatives. Take the time to view the site for our holiday sets and combos. May nature be around everywhere you go. 

Peace and Blessings.

Here’s how to stay up-to-date with Deame’s:

FB: Deames Bettah Buttahs

IG: @Deame’s Bettah Buttahs

T: @Bettahbuttahs14


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