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Philly-based artist brushstroke is ready to hit the ground running with shows after the pandemic clears. | Image: Jess Swift

Philly-based artist brushstroke has recently released “Lucid,” a track with a sound steeped in soul and R&B influence, with a hypnotic, psych-rock appeal. You can check out the track on YouTube and Spotify.

brushstroke is the moniker and solo project of Eoin Murphy. Drawing from a wide range of inspirations and collaborators, brushstroke blends genres such as neo-soul, psych pop and alternative R&B to create his own world of sound.

“The concept of the track really just stems from a lot of stress and anger that I, and I’m sure lots of other people, were feeling throughout 2020,” Murphy said of “Lucid.”

PW recently caught up with Murphy to talk about the new music and his career.

PW: Let’s go back to the beginning. Can you talk a little about your early interest in music and some of your initial influences?

EM: I was always really into music from a young age. I started drums around 3 years old, then moved over to piano and guitar, and was always listening to all sorts of stuff. My mom introduced me to Garth Brooks, as well as a lot of the classic rock groups of the ‘70s and things like that, while my dad got me hip to greats like Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, etc., etc. Also always had a soft spot for NSYNC, but I mean I was born in the ‘90s so who didn’t, lol. 

PW: After graduating from the University of the Arts School of Music in 2018, you worked with artists in the tri-state area as a producer and as a session musician. Did that experience help you as you started a career as a solo artist?

EM: Personally, I’d say that when it comes to producing or working with other artists, it doesn’t so much help inform my solo work as it does it give me a break and allow me to look at music differently. In a way, it’s like wearing hats, when I’m working on brushstroke stuff, I’ll spend forever agonizing over the tiniest details, where as when I’m working with other artists, I’m more focused on how I can bring their vision to life and make their music sound exactly how they want it to.

Philly-based brushstroke’s ‘Lucid’ ended up being a super cathartic track of the artist throwing his thoughts and emotions into a song. | Image: Emily Ryan

PW: How did you come up with the name brushstroke?

EM: Sadly, there is really no cool story about the name brushstroke, [laughs]. I’ve been writing my own music my whole life and for the longest time was just using my real name, but I guess when I started writing the first couple brushstroke tracks I thought it felt and sounded different enough that I wanted to use a moniker. To be honest, I don’t even really remember where the name “brushstroke,” came from, but it ended up just sticking.  

PW: Talk a little about “Lucid.” How did it come together? Was it influenced by the pandemic? Where is it available?

EM: “Lucid” came together about midway through last year. Being halfway through the pandemic, and then on top of that seeing the countless examples of racial injustice taking place across the country, I really was like “wtf is happening right now.” So “Lucid” really ended up being this super cathartic track of me kinda just throwing my thoughts and emotions into a song. 

PW: What’s ahead for you, assuming the pandemic eventually ends?

EM: SHOWSSSSS, [laughs]. I literally cannot wait till we can safely go out and play and go to shows again. Music is such an inherently shared experience, and not having shows for a whole year has been absolutely crazy, so definitely can’t wait to hit the ground running once things are all good. 

PW: What are the best ways for your fans to stay current with what you’re doing?

EM: You can follow me on Spotify or whatever streaming site you use, and you can find me on instagram as @MusicbyMurph or Facebook as brushstroke. There’s also linktree in my IG bio that will link you to any current projects I’m a part of or anything like that! 

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