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    camming as a couple

    It’s a lovely day, and you’re out for a walk. You notice an adorable couple on a bench. They radiate love as they smile and kiss. Your heart swells. Then a thought flashes across your mind.

    “I would totally watch them f*ck. Like, I wouldn’t camp outside their bedroom. But send me a link, and I’ll click it so fast my finger breaks.”

    Don’t feel ashamed. It is a perfectly natural feeling. It is not only natural but very common. So common that there are a lot of couples sharing their private activities publicly on cam sites.

    Let us look at camming as a couple: partners who broadcast their bedrooms, make money making love, and the unique challenges they face.

    Putting On a Show

    For those unfamiliar (or pretending to be), cam shows are live adult video streams where viewers can interact via chats and tipping. Performers have “tip menus” or “goals” for specific acts. The more viewers chip in, the hotter the show gets.

    Most cams feature a single person, with most of the run time being pretty quiet until someone tips or comments. With solo stars, the show’s climax is typically masturbating to, uh, climax.

    Tipping can lead to a more “explosive” finale when couples hop online. As long as one partner has a penis, there is a definitive end goal to reach. There’s a reason it is called a “money shot,” after all. However, the real “money shot” is the friends we made along the way.

    Sex acts may be the focus, but the relationship dynamics are just as important. Looking hot may draw people in, but the chemistry and charm keep the audience coming back for more.  

    Dynamics of a Duo

    A big reason folks love watching couples cam together is their unique chemistry. People want to see a real relationship with fun personalities. A couple’s happiness can be infectious. 

    A solo cam star can be sexy and have buckets of charisma, but there is something special about a real couple. The banter and playfulness itself is sexy. Seeing the heat between two people who genuinely desire each other makes the actual sex that much hotter.

    Camming as a couple also helps build an audience. Like movies and television, people get invested in the personalities on screen. 

    Some professional cam performers have mentioned a level of disappointment from their fans when their partner is not joining in. After all, the only thing better than one hottie on screen is two hotties on each other. 

    Having a committed following is nice, but making money is the goal. Conventional wisdom says women performing on their own make the most, but that is not always the case.

    Solo or Camming as a Couple – Which Makes More Money?

    Reddit’s board r/camgirlproblems has many seasoned vets claiming more significant earnings when couples log in. Single performers dominate cam sites in the number of accounts, which makes couples more lucrative as a rarer and rawer experience.

    Some might say solo shows earn more because of the fantasy some patrons have about dating the performer. Some cam girls advise hiding a committed relationship to keep the dream alive for lonely hearts.

    A long list of euphemisms can be employed to keep the dreamers happy. Commonly used ones are “a trusted friend” or “my scene partner.” As long as their partner is okay indulging lonely fans, there’s no reason to spoil their parasocial crush.

    One anonymous user chimed in with their experience, topping it off with their opinion on customers who can’t handle their fantasy being stepped on. 

    “I am engaged and produce all my b/g content with him.” they say. “I do have a specific niche though in that I am in a Dom/sub dynamic so my following are primarily male subs who love the fact that I have a hot alpha husband with a huge c*ck, and my fans sit there and get to watch us lol! Most fans will like that you have a partner, only the weirdos will be turned off for it (guys who are trying to get laid with you or meet up, those guys aren’t worth sh*t anyway).”

    According to the experts on this subreddit, the biggest complaints come from those who tip the least. Men who actually believe they have a shot at dating the queen on screen feel threatened and lash out. A sure-fire way to any gals heart.

    These goblins are in the minority. Most big tippers send encouraging comments and celebrate the romance.

    As strange as it sounds, even people sitting alone for a session of self-satisfaction enjoy seeing two people in love. It is sweet enough to bring a tear to the eye. 

    Good thing the tissues are close by.

    Trouble in Paradise – Dealing With Online Trolls

    Aside from the typical issues for cam guys and gals, like anonymity and safety, logging in as a couple can present its own unique challenges.

    A significant problem can be a lack of boundaries. Controlling and coercive behavior is an issue that goes beyond sex work and is more about the relationship itself.

    The r/camgirlproblems page is littered with heartbreaking stories of people being pressured by their partners to perform or to do things that make them uncomfortable. Again, this is not exclusive to camming or even sexual activity. 

    Outside the realm of toxic dynamics, performing for a crowd can be a special kind of hell. When a couple is online, they aren’t just boning and letting strangers watch. The performers must pay attention to comments, numbers, camera angles, and more. They need to put on a show!

    Performance anxiety is already a nightmare when the sex is private. Imagine having to throw dick like an artist when someone named “spunk_lord_42069” will not stop adding commentary. It makes something fun extremely hard. 

    Or rather, not hard.

    Anyone who grew up with a penis knows there is always some level of insecurity about size. The widespread access to porn featuring professional-level dong has created an unrealistic standard that makes many feel inadequate. 

    It takes a strong sense of self-confidence to shrug off comments mocking the angle of the dangle. Rude comments on size come from some jerk who is paying for the privilege to watch, and they are just jealous of your relationship, but it still hurts. 

    Some cam girls want their hubby or boyfriend to join but worry the perfectly normal junk that brings them joy will be ridiculed. Some have partners who simply refuse to costar because of this insecurity.

    Some well-meaning Redditors suggested engaging in small penis play, where the lack of size is front and center with Dominatrix-style dirty talk. There is a market for that, but the human attached to their little star really needs to be able to handle that treatment every night.   

    Users offer plenty of supportive suggestions and tips, from blocking disrespectful commenters to size-enhancing camera angles. Some even say most viewers prefer average-sized wang to the pet iguanas pornstars are hauling. 

    To be honest, women have to deal with trolls picking their bodies apart far more frequently and typically handle it better. It is the saddest case of “practice makes perfect”. 

    An unrelated image from Disney/Marvel’s She-Hulk

    Not every conflict comes from the peanut gallery hurling insults. Camming together can strain a relationship and lead to breaking up. 

    Broadly speaking, the tension comes from romantic partners not always making the best coworkers. Camming together is a lot like starting a business together. It takes a lot of time and effort, which leads to stress. 

    Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship can confirm that money and work stress can make mountains out of mole hills, even when said molehill has never been an issue before.

    Jealousy and insecurity can arise if one person makes more money than the other when performing alone or with a special guest star. Someone who wasn’t honest with themselves about their comfort level can be one shitty comment away from lashing out at their loved one. 

    The relationship IS the product, which puts tons of pressure on everyone involved. Add the puritanical upbringing most Americans have, being raised to feel ashamed about sex, and the stress increases exponentially. 

    It’s not all doom and gloom, though. With the right pairing and mindset, camming together can be just what the doctor ordered.

    Happy, Healthy, and Horny

    Putting your love life out into the world may have its dark side, but it also can reap incredible benefits.

    The most obvious upshot is the monetary gain. Camming and selling personal porn is very lucrative. Some streamers make hundreds of dollars, not per night but per hour.

    Making boatloads of cash isn’t just about flexing and luxury items. Money troubles weigh heavily on a relationship. Not having to fret over every penny for food, housing, and healthcare relieves that burden and gives a relationship room to grow. 

    Money may not buy happiness, but it sure as hell makes being happy easier. 

    There is more happiness to be found because the bills are paid by doing something you would do for free. Couples who give off genuine “ride or die” vibes make a hefty chunk of change because it is more fun to watch people truly having a good time. 

    As mentioned above, camming together is not unlike starting a business. If everyone involved is down to clown, there is no reason working together would be a burden. Imagine going into the office and actually looking forward to it. 

    Working together towards a common goal strengthens bonds. That is why so many businesses have mandated social events. Surely most people would choose to spend time enjoying their lover’s body over an escape room with Todd from HR. 

    Camming can enhance sexual satisfaction, as well. Partners who stream and are into exhibitionism, BDSM, or any manner of kink get to indulge their wild side more often than most. Just because it is their job doesn’t make it less fun. 

    Sex off camera can get a boost, too. Reddit user and cam performer keutypie says, “I’ve been camming with my hubby for 3 1/2 months and found a lot of success. I definitely feel its strength[end] our relationship… …I find myself being more sexually [attracted to] him since we started.”

    Over on r/AskReddit, one of the most popular subreddits with around 37 million members, one post asked about the pros and cons of performing as a couple. One user pointed out the obvious by saying their relationship is like any other, with some extra perks. 

    The fun and excitement of performing for a live audience was only one part of their sex life. The costumes, makeup, and toys were great, but enjoying each other in private was even better. The pressure to do a good show was gone, and they could focus more on one another. 

    Another anonymous redditor showed that there is a fairy tale ending for couples who cam:

     “[My] wife and I were content makers maybe 10 years ago when that segment of the market was just beginning. We focused on fetish content which was aimed to our audience. Since all of our videos were niche, it allowed us to save regular sex and intimacy for ourselves in private.”

    “My wife has a rather high profile job and is well known within her industry so the constant fear of being “discovered” was a bit taxing.” they continued. “We took steps to make sure it didn’t happen but the concern was still there. But we got off on it and actually shaved 8 years off our mortgage by doing it. We stopped as we had kids and life moved on.”

    A happy ending brought to you by happy endings.

    Camming as a Couple – Coming Together

    If you and your partner-in-crime are considering a career in camming as a couple, be sure to think long and hard (heh) about it. It will not be easy money, there will be rough nights, and it may just not be for you. No shame in that.

    There are risks and challenges, but there are also potentially massive rewards. In addition to a nice influx of cash, your relationship and sex life can flourish.  

    When it comes to adult entertainment online, the options are limitless. From highly produced films to potato-quality amateur dalliances. There is no beating couples’ cam shows for a truly unique and engaging experience. 

    With genuine love and affection, these cams showcase the innate sex appeal of watching real couples enjoy each other. Join in on the fun, tip generously, and be respectful. 

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