The ‘Turnover Tsunami’

Kristen Struys

Everyone knows the pandemic dramatically impacted the job market. But Estelle Curry and Kristen Struys actually have done something to help people prepare for the changes.

Their free, online program, Prepare to Flourish, addresses the “Turnover Tsunami,” the impending surge in the market expected in the coming months. 

The Prepare to Flourish blog and podcast series covers a wide range of topics to aid job seekers returning to work, including;

  • Life skills: creating self-awareness, building confidence and being resilient
  • Career skills: networking, getting strategic and maintaining success
  • Job seeking skills: creating a resume and cover letter, interviewing, and negotiating

Florescit Life Coaching, a life coaching practice, started Prepare to Flourish in June. It will run through August. Every week, a new blog and podcast are released. Observing

limited support from the authorities, Curry and Struys, two impassioned mothers and neighbors from Delaware County, took it into their own hands to create this series to aid anyone looking for a new job; but more pertinently, females.

The number of women out of work since the pandemic has risen dramatically reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. By the close of 2020, there were 5.3 million fewer women employed compared to 4.4 million fewer men. It’s been labeled the

“shesession” by the media. 

Curry, life coach and former human resources executive, and Struys, program manager and communications professional, speak with industry experts who share best practice job seeking strategies. 

PW recently caught up with Curry and Struys to talk about their new program.

Talk a little about how Prepare to Flourish came about.

Estelle Curry delayed her return to work following maternity leave as the daycares were closing. Once her children were back in daycare in February 2021, and she had returned to work, she started seeing repeated headlines about the number of people out of work due to the pandemic and wanted to help in some way. Knowing that these people would likely be looking to return to work in their droves once childcare was more consistent and the environment was safer to return to, Estelle had an idea to create a return-to-work coaching program. 

At this point, Kristen had recently been laid off from her corporate job in hospitality. Estelle knew that Kristen was passionate about empowering women and had vast experience in program management and communications, so she asked her if she would be interested in partnering up to create something to support people to return to work. Together, they surveyed local job seekers to understand their pain points in their job search, and many admitted that they did not have the money to spend on a course. So, they pivoted and instead decided to create something more accessible, Prepare to Flourish, a blog and podcast series. This series is a free resource and includes industry experts who share their insight regarding the job search.  

Estelle Curry

Tell us a little about the program itself – how it works, who should be interested. 

Prepare to Flourish has nine segments – each segment has a blog and a podcast episode, tackling a challenging aspect of the job search. In addition, they have conversations with experts within the particular field for each podcast episode, and they share their insights and tips for job seekers. 

While anyone can benefit from the information, the target audience is job seekers whose jobs were impacted by the pandemic. 

You started sharing the content in June. What’s been the response? Is it what you expected or have there been some surprises along the way? Are you accomplishing what you hoped when you started it?

The response is slowly building, but gaining momentum. So far, all segments have touched three to five times more people than if this content had only been offered as a private coaching course. These initial results are promising, but Estelle and Kristen want this content to reach even more job seekers to help people put themselves in the best position to take advantage of the upcoming job opportunities. With the pending “Turnover Tsunami” this summer and fall, these resources will prepare these job seekers with life skills, career skills, and job-seeking skills.

This biggest surprise along the way is how willing our fantastic guests have been to get involved. They have been really wonderful to work with and have given their time so freely to help people return to work. More information about our guests can be found at Our Guests & Hosts | florescit-life-coach (  

The program will run through August. Do you see it returning in the future or taking a different approach?

We are posting the content weekly to give people the opportunity to review and reflect on the information. The blogs and podcasts will be available for all until the end of the year. Depending on the response to this content, Estelle may continue this discussion through the Florescit Life Coaching website. 

How do people get involved with Prepare to Flourish?

Job seekers will find the blogs and podcasts at the Florescit Life Coaching website, The podcasts are also available on most major podcast services, including Spotify, Anchor, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Radio Public, Google Podcasts, and Audible.

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