The Scene: Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival

54 films. 16 countries. 10 feature-length premieres. One amazing experience.

Whoops … sorry. That’s our copywriting background poking through. Bad, Stilted Writing! Bad!

Pointedly pithy, protracted prose aside, we really mean it when we say that the third annual Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival is going to rock your ethically-sourced wool socks clean off.

Prepare to be inspired. Prepare to be entertained. Prepare to be enthralled, enrapt by anything, everything, well, environmental.

Most importantly, prepare to be informed. Because action is the only open avenue to change and it most often comes as a result of an increase in information, a growth in knowledge.

You learned something, basically.

At the Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival, you’ll learn more than you ever thought you would, could or should know about the future of our planet.

It may seem bleak at first (Looking your way, climate change deniers), but if there’s one thing you take away from the Philly Enviro Film Fest, it should be this; action is in the works.

Because, luckily for us, our cadre of eco-warriors remain as committed – and artistically creative – as ever

Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival | April 5-7. 530pm. Prices vary. Philadelphia Film Center, 1412 Chestnut St.

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