The Scene: Big Philly Beerfest

It’s big. It’s Philly. It’s beer. And it’s a fest …. ival.

Yep. Checks out.

It’s actually year numero cinco for the Big Fest of Philly Beer, and you best believe they’re comin’ in even bigger and beer-ier for this latest go-round.

Just picture it.

Beer here. Beer there. Craft beer damn near everywhere.

Beer in bottles. Beer in mugs. Beer in carafes and cases and jugs. Beer on tables and counters and clutched in hands, on boards and boxes and even some that have been canned. Beer in that spot, and this one too, beer in your face, and-oops … now there’s some on your shoe.

Sorry to go all Dr. Sue-ds on you, kids, but that’s the exact kind of whimsy an event this soaked in awesome brings out in us.

Live music. Delicious food. Little cute-as-all-get-out 5oz. souvenir acrylic mugs.

Beer itself may well be the best reason to attend, but make no mistake; it’s only truly the best when you taste and toast and talk away the evening with some loved ones and some friends.

Big Philly Beerfest | Feb. 15. 8am. Prices vary. Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch St.


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