The Best of Earth Day 2023 Events and Stuff in the United States That Aren’t Just Hangovers from 4/20

earth day

With an official theme for 2023 reading as “Invest In Our Planet,” the happy mission behind Earth Day – the annual, global April 22 event designed to demonstrate gentle support for environmental protection beyond protest – is as strong now as the day it first commenced on April 22, 1970. And it’s not, in any way, connected to the earthly values of 4/20, though you’ll always get stoners looking to link the two-days for a weekend-long Schmoke Fest.

Imbibe. Enjoy. But do some good.

There are countless parties, dinners, genial protests, gatherings, clean ups, plantings and green communal hangs and things that commemorate Earth Day this weekend. Here is PW’s smart list of the best and most beautification-minded event of Earth Day across the United States.

Earth Day 2023 @Papago Park in Tempe, AZ


The residents of, and the habitues co-habituating Tempe’s lush and verdant Papago Park will tend to its needs with Clean Up Papago – CUP – on Saturday morning, starting at 9 am. Bring your pitchfork.

Papago Park, 1000 North College Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85281

Living Earth Festival with the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC

This land belongs to the American Indian, and in this D.C. celebration of Earth Day, the National Museum of the American Indian hosts its yearly festival and educational weekend dedicated to symposiums, conversations, presentations, and artist demonstrations that explore just how present-day Indigenous communities continue to protect their way of life and environment from climate change. Plus, you can contact the museum, as the weekend’s events will be live streamed.

National Museum of the American Indian National Mall, Fourth Street & Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC, 20560

The Soul Food Public Art Project in Houston, TX

If you are looking to get your hands dirty when it comes to creating a new public art mosaic installation in Houston’s historic Sunnyside community, get up bright and early and head to Southmore Boulevard. As per its press, “We will be using the ancient medium of tile mosaics to adorn two columns that stand at the entryway of what was once an elementary school park but now serves as the space for a local urban farm. Bring a ceramic plate, cup, or tile piece to become part of the mosaic murals and seating structures, transforming these abandoned columns into symbols of resources for a healthier community. Let’s celebrate Earth Day by coming together to beautify and uplift our community. This project is funded in part by a grant The City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance.”

3602 Southmore Blvd, Houston, TX 77004-7914

Sor Ynéz’s Spring Fling Market, Fishtown, PA

Spring Fling Market

The Sor Ynéz restaurant in the Fishtown section of Philly is more than just a traditional Mexican dining experience. It is something of a community center, designed by Mexico City-native Miguel Antonio Horn, its décor “represents the carpentry, pottery, and textile worker traditions that helped to create the rich artisanal culture in the nation,” with its intricate hand-beaded mural of the restaurant’s muse, writer-artist-composer Sor Juana Ynéz de la Cruz, as its centerpiece. Taking place on the restaurant’s patio, this Spring Fling Earth Day event will showcase local artists and hand-crafted work from the Keepin’ It Small collective, while Chef Alexis Tellez serves a menu, fresh from her family’s cookbook.

1800 N. American Street, Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA

Earth Day at The Whitney Museum in New York City

The Whitney Museum of American Art celebrates the planet with the final weekend of the exhibition, “no existe un mundo poshuracán: Puerto Rican Art in the Wake of Hurricane Maria,” the first ever complex and completest survey of contemporary Puerto Rican art in a major in 50 years. Along with this exhibition, the Whitney hosts two new exhibitions that examine the environment with “Jaune Quick-To-See Smith: Memory Map” and “Josh Kline: Project for a New American Century.”

99 Gansevoort Street, Lower Manhattan, New York City, NY

Santa Clarita Condor Cleanup at the St. Francis Dam National Monument in Los Angeles

The St. Francis Dam was a gravity dam located in San Francisquito Canyon in Los Angeles County whose catastrophically failure in 1928 due to a defective soil foundation and design flaws, triggered a flood that claimed the lives of upwards of 431 people, with a monument build in dedication to the victims. Condors hang and eat around the lower section of the St. Francis Dam National Monument, but broken shards of glass scattered around that area is dangerous to the birds as they try to survive. “Help clear this area and make the area safe for the condors. Bring a heavy bag, gloves and even a low chair so you can sit and pick up the glass instead of bending over. The broken glass will be recycled. This event is hosted by the Santa Clarita Hiking Club.”

Earth Day at Tilton (George) Park in Chicago

For me, planting and helping to green the planet is the best thing that you can do for the ecosystem, Earth Day and beyond. Start at Chicago’s Tilton (George) Park with the morning’s beautification project of laying mulch, adding wood chips and adding plants. And dress comfortably and with bummy clothes – you are going to get filthy.

230 N. Kolmar Avenue, Chicago, IL

 earth day

Ray’s Reusables’ Earth Day Every Day, Northern Liberties, PA

This female and queer-owned eco-store and refill station is the first brick and mortar retail location from Ray Daly (she/her), who became well-known and popular over the pandemic for her eco pop-up and mobile store that launched during the pandemic. Along with pushing its customer base to reducing their carbon footprint on a daily basis, Earth Day, while focusing on the three R’s of Ray’s – reuse, refill and replace – the shop will host upcoming events such as Mother’s Day Botanical Dyeing Workshop a Bring-Your-Own Vessel Candles with Queer Candle Co. on April 29.

935 N. 2nd Street Northern Liberties/Philadelphia, PA

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