State of Our City | March 25-April 1

Yuengling is once again rolling out the fan-favorite limited-edition Phillies Yuengling Lager cans emblazoned with the retro Phillies logo. | Image: Courtesy of Tierney Communications

School board reform

Councilman David Oh has introduced legislation that would give city residents the ability to elect their own school board members – a first for Philadelphia. If passed, the bill would change the city charter from having the mayor appoint nine board members to four – and let citizens elect five members based on their district. Oh says the proposal would increase accountability and transparency by giving residents a direct representative for the schools in their neighborhood. 

Paul S. Beidman | Image: Courtesy of Paul S. Beidman

Main cultural corridor needs new gatekeeper

The Avenue of the Arts – the segment of Broad Street dedicated to many of Philly’s arts and culture institutions, is preparing to say goodbye to its president and CEO and begin the search for a successor. Paul S. Beidman is retiring after being at the helm of the Avenue of the Arts, Inc. since 2012. He’s credited with prioritizing capital reinvestment in the area, keeping the Avenue clean, safe and inviting and marketing outreach to drive foot traffic up and down Broad Street. Now, the hunt is on to find someone to fill his shoes. 

Image: Elia Architecture & Interiors

A Constitutional homecoming

Soon you will be able to see – up-close-and-personal – a permanent monument to the five freedoms of speech, press, religion, assembly and petition. Later this fall, the 45 words of the First Amendment will be on display on a massive, marble tablet at the National Constitution Center. Now, just more than a year after the Newseum closed in Washington, D.C., the iconic, 50-ton, 74-foot-tall tablet that graced its facade will be reimagined and reconfigured inside the National Constitution Center for Philadelphia visitors. 

Drink your Phil 

Yuengling Lager has partnered with the Phillies as a welcome to the 2021 baseball season by branding its label on specialty cans and announcing all-star pitcher Aaron Nola as its brand ambassador. Nola is the first active MLB player to have a partnership with a beer brand. Fans will soon score a chance to lager up with Nola for a virtual happy hour, win a Yuengling Phillies home vending machine and more. 

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