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    The mark of a great city comes with the sophistication of its hotel restaurants

    No great, modern, truly cosmopolitan city in the 21st Century is without a hotel scene that its tied to an equally enchanting and tastefully composed restaurant. That has been the case ever since the wealthy, boozy, married detectives of The Thin Man came bounding into the legendary Waldorf Astoria hotel, sucked down...

    • Nov 24, 2022
  • Top 12 Ice Cream Shops in Philly: The Most Elite Frozen Treats in Town

    We all scream for ice cream! If you’re looking for a mouthwatering, heavenly sweet treat, this guide to the best Philly ice cream shops is the perfect read for you. From classic cones to gelato and beyond, we’re giving you the scoop on the best ice cream parlors in town! 1. Weckerly’s...

    • Oct 29, 2022

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