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Rubber: Rubber recently shared their new single, ‘Synth Pop Idol.’ Image | Caro Ramirez

Rubber is a writing-producing duo made up of singer-lyricist Andrew Loper and producer/multi-instrumentalist John Della Franco formed during their time studying at Temple University in 2018. The duo creates an intricately balanced soundscape combining their R&B, funk, hip-hop, jazz and soul influences like Frank Ocean, Thundercat, Patrice Rushen, and Amy Winehouse, while maintaining that dynamic feeling of pop music, anthemic and universal. The duo shines the brightest in a live setting where their combination of bass-driven grooves and vocal acrobatics has grabbed and held the attention of audiences up and down the East Coast.

Rubber recently shared their new single, “Synth Pop Idol.” 

PW recently caught up with the duo to talk about their music and career. 

How did you two get together at Temple to make music? Was it a great fit from the start? How did you come up with the name Rubber?

We just started out at a jam session organized by a mutual friend. After one or two sessions, we had written two songs we were really proud of, and from there it was really clear that we had a good songwriting flow. After we were signed to the Temple University record label off of our first performance in a campus coffee shop, we traveled to Nashville to do some recording. We got offered a show while in town and had to make a last-minute call on a name. We had just watched the movie “Rubber” and just kind of winged it, and it stuck!

Can you talk a little about your creative/writing process? What inspires you to write/record a song? 

We are both very emotional beings, and it’s our real life experiences that inform our music. Normally, John will create an instrumental and then Andrew will find lyrics in his never-ending series of phone notes that fits the vibe and then the song gets built out from there.

Rubber was formed by Andrew Loper and John Della Franco during their time studying at Temple University. Image | Caro Ramirez

You recently released a new single, “Synth Pop Idol.” Talk a little about how the song came together. What’s been the response from your fans?

It was first conceived almost two years ago. It has taken on many different iterations since but has always held true to its roots as a tongue-in-cheek ode to imperfection. The fans have definitely dug it. I think the music video was definitely a funny one and showed a lot of personality.

Now that the pandemic restrictions are easing, are you back before live audiences? How does it feel to be back on stage?

Yes! We actually have our first show in LA on Nov. 10, which is super exciting. Playing live has always been our home base so it feels amazing to get back to it.

What’s ahead for you? Any local shows? More new music?

No local shows for a while. Gonna be laying low and working on an album. Going out to LA for a while in November to do some writing and recording and will hopefully come back with some bangers!

What are the best ways for your fans to stay current with what you’re doing?

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