Philly restaurants: Consider this a call for your Thanksgiving menus so we don’t have to cook


Philadelphia restaurants, your people need you.

More specifically, the people who are fucking tired of Thanksgiving stress need you. They don’t want to cook. They don’t want to clean up a mess. If they have to spend the day with asshole relatives arguing about “building the wall,” they certainly don’t want to keep their eye on a bird in the oven while doing it. 

Nah, this Thanksgiving they want to give somebody money to handle all that shit. 

That somebody is you, Philadelphia restaurateurs.

Next week, Philadelphia Weekly will run a list in our Nov. 21 issue of all of the food joints open on Thanksgiving Day. Check that, will run a list of all of the restaurants that email us and tell us they’re open on Thanksgiving Day.

So, industry types, send your Turkey Day specials to to make the list. Tell us all about your special plans for the day – meals, deals, hours, why people should drop their dough at your place and whatever else you think the hungry masses should know. 

And make sure you send it by Monday, Nov. 18. 

Legions of hungry Philadelphians will be grateful, and you get the bag. Everybody wins.

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