Nutter for Mayor

Yep, it’s true. Like every other newspaper in town, we’re for Nutter too.

The dude has run the media endorsement table.

In our case, it wasn’t very close.

Michael Nutter–aka Mixmaster Mike, to those lucky enough to have caught his DJ act at the Impulse back in the day–is the overwhelming favorite of the PW editorial staff.

And the overwhelming favorite not just because we saw how we could have fun reimagining how he looked during his scratch-a-matic glory days on our cover …

… though admittedly that didn’t hurt.


But before we get to all the ways Mr. Nutter won our hearts, a few words about the other candidates:

Chaka Fattah believes little can move forward until people get free of poverty. He’s right. A trillion and four ills are linked to it. He makes us listen to things about the city that are troubling and unfair, and it makes us feel sad we’re not doing more to bring about change. We made considerable note of his passion.

Tom Knox is for giving ex-
offenders a second chance and even a third. Name one other politician you ever heard say that. He says if he were elected mayor, the Community College of Philadelphia would become his Avenue of the Arts. The man with all the loot can’t be dismissed.

What Dwight Evans has done in West Oak Lane is a revelation. Through sheer force of will, he recharged a major artery that connects forgotten neighborhoods. And when no one thought kids could learn at Martin Luther King High, Evans did–and now they are. Evans totes action plans like some folks carry Lifesavers.

Bob Brady is neighborhood–has been all his life. He brings people together. The man’s got presence. He’s a master at persuasion. He says we need a vo-tech revival so kids can land jobs. Wanna bet it’ll happen? Guy like this gets things done.


Each of the candidates has things to offer. Nutter just has more of these things.

Let us count the things that matter most to us.

Clarity–most important.

He thinks. And reflects. And articulates.

Because he thinks and reflects and articulates, he sometimes gets labeled a wonk.

He even gets called a nerd.

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