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Philly duo N i G H T S dropped their double-singles ‘Magic’ and ‘One’ on Valentine’s Day. | Image: Eric Alper PR

Philadelphia’s electro-R&B duo N i G H T S released their double-singles, “Magic” and “One” on Valentine’s Day.

Complete with lush production and soaring vox, the offering’s premiere double-singles deliver a song to suit just about anyone’s state of affairs. 

“‘One’ is dark,” N i G H T S co-front Evan Hall says of the track. 

“We wanted to explore the edgy, dark side of ‘tough love’ for whoever might not have a Valentine heading into this year.” 

“‘Magic,’ on the other hand,” co-front Corey Murphy said, “is the lustful and full of romantic sound that feeds the energy the season usually brings: Love, appreciation, gifts and candy.”

“This season can be very rejuvenating for some,” they continued, “but for some people, it can be very lonely, or not a big deal, or they can’t wait until the day is over because they’re just not entertained by all the hearts and ‘puppy love’ flooding their news feeds.

Image: Jernej-Grag

“‘One’ and ‘Magic’ are for either of those audiences, no matter what category they fall into. This project isn’t just for one person. It’s a hybrid of emotions that generate feelings on ‘the most romantic month of the year.’” 

“One” and “Magic” are the first to land in 2021 for N i G H T S, and follow a string of knock-out singles since N i G H T S first entered the scene in 2017 with their debut, “Valentine.” Since then, they’ve stacked more than 9 million streams across Spotify alone. 

Check out “Magic” and “One” on Amazon, Spotify and more. For more on the group, check out their website,, or follow them on social media. 

PW recently caught up with Murphy to talk about the group’s latest project.

PW: You’ve accumulated more than 9 million streams across Spotify alone since you entered the scene in 2017. Why do you think you’ve been so successful? What feedback do you get from your fans?

CM: I believe we’re successful because of our love for music, the amount of work and dedication we put into our craft, and of course the people who contentiously listen to our music around the world. We love nothing more than getting into the studio together after experiencing life and when our energy lines up into making something timeless. That’s what I strive for. 

PW: How have the pandemic and all of its closures impacted your career? Did it cancel live shows? Did it make it more difficult to produce your recently released double singles?

CM: The pandemic has had more of a positive effect than negative. That’s how I usually look at life in general regarding any situation, but I feel like it’s been an opportunity to dig deeper into the lyrics in the music. I do miss going out, seeing friends and experiencing the city night life, but it’s given me an opportunity to face the music directly.

PW: Can you talk a little about how “Magic” and “One” came together? What’s been the response from your fans?

CM: “Magic” and “One” was always a developing project. “Magic” was a lot of work transitioning each part into each section, but the recording of it was really fun. “One” was spontaneously recorded at the end of a relationship I was in. Seemed right to release the double-sided project on Valentine’s Day. 

Image: Hannah Troupe

PW: Social media has become an important way for artists to connect with fans. Do you enjoy engaging with fans on social, or can it become a burden?

CM: Instagram and Twitter are the best platforms to follow us on. It’s the easiest way for us to post consistently while recording and finalizing single and project releases. We love engaging with fans and talking to people who love our music through DM. We’re always grateful for anybody who’s interested in our music. It’s the fuel that keeps us going. 

PW: What’s ahead for you – assuming the pandemic eventually ends?

CM: I believe the pandemic will eventually end and things will slowly get back to normal, but in the meantime, we’re just gonna keep recording and writing songs because that’s what makes me happy.

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