New label, single for Joy Again

Joy Again’s 2015 single, ‘Looking Out For You,’ has amassed more than 130 million streams. Image | Xavier Codie

Philly-based indie-rock outfit Joy Again recently released a new single and video, “What Lovers Do.” “What Lovers Do” marks Joy Again’s debut with Arista Records and arrives on the heels of the viral success of “Looking Out For You,” the band’s 2015 single that has had a resurgence on TikTok over the past year. “Looking Out For You” has amassed more than 130 million streams to date.

Since debuting in 2014, the six-piece band has earned acclaim from The FADER, OnesToWatch, and NME, and has performed with beloved indie acts like Car Seat Headrest, Clairo, and Hinds. Next spring, Joy Again will be on the road again supporting Snail Mail on her U.S. tour.

Joy Again includes Sachi DiSerafino (vocals, guitar), Arthur Shea (vocals, guitar), Blaise O’Brien (keys), Zachary Tyndall (keys), Will Butera (drums) and Kieran Ferris (bass).

PW recently caught up with DiSerafino to chat about the band’s new music and more.


Let’s go back to the beginning. Talk a little about Joy Again’s early years and how it has been able to stay so successful over the last eight years.

We are extremely lucky to have grown up around Philadelphia. The first four years of the band was just playing locally – in basements, at art shows, wherever we could play really. We were also extremely fortunate to meet people like Caleb Laven and Godfrey Tabarez who really helped take our music to the next level. I guess the secret to our success is just being friends with people who believe in the project and what we’re doing.


How would you describe Joy Again’s sound? Has it changed over the years?

Our sound has definitely changed. Arthur and I started out making music on a four track and ripping it to Ableton. As we grew older, I started producing my own demos, and Arthur started a solo project. Between us writing and producing on our own more we also started working with Caleb who really helped us nail down a sound and has grown with us and understood where we are as songwriters every step of the way.


How has Philadelphia, its music scene, culture, etc., impacted Joy Again’s music?

Philadelphia is a hotbed of creativity. There are amazing musicians and artists of all mediums who inspire us every day and also show us we can do whatever we want creatively.


What makes for a great Joy Again song? Talk a little about the creative process.

I think what makes a great song is mostly what Arthur and I think makes a great Joy Again song. I don’t know how to describe it, everyone plays on all of the songs, but I think when both Arthur and I agree on something it’s pretty much done and set in stone. I think all Joy Again songs are great though, hahaha.

Philly-based Joy Again recently released a new single and video, ‘What Lovers Do.’ Image | Xavier Codie

“What Lovers Do” recently dropped. What can you tell us about how that song came together? What’s been the initial reaction from your fans?

It all came together pretty slow. I had an acoustic demo of it about two years ago. It sat around for a while until Blaise and Caleb revamped it with keys. They sent me the stems and I made it the fucked up, ambient ballad it is now. I’m really proud of it and excited to have it out. As far as initial reaction goes – the fans seem to like it and I’ve seen a lot of kind comments about it. It’s definitely out of left field, but I think it’s an important touchstone in our career before we start our next real chapter.


How did the band spend its time during the pandemic lockdown? How excited are you to be back on the road again next year?

We spent most of it making music by ourselves or for other projects. We’re really excited to start playing again, but I think we’re mostly excited to get back in the saddle with recording and making our first record.


What are the best ways for your fans to stay current with what you’re doing?

@joyagain on Instagram and TikTok and on Twitter. Mostly Instagram though, hahah. We’re not so active on everything else yet. If anyone wants to be a social media intern, hit my jack.

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