Lifestyles of the rich and painless: 6abc’s Cecily Tynan returns to waterskis after injury

Anyone who follows 6abc meteorologist Cecily Tynan knows she’s an avid water skier. 

With more than 65k followers on Twitter and another 29k on Instagram, Tynan has a lot of people interested in what she does in both her public and private lives. 

In June, Tynan suffered a hip injury while waterskiing. It was essentially a torn muscle but rendered her off the skis. What happened, she says, was a crash through her regular watercourse in New Jersey at a top speed of 32 mph. It was her personal best, she said, but nonetheless resulted in an injury. 

“I made it worse by not taking the necessary time off,” she admits. “After a couple of weeks of skiing in pain, I got an MRI that diagnosed the problem.”

Fortunately, no surgery was needed, and after a month of physical therapy and staying off the skis, you can now see Tynan back on the track. 

Tynan said she started waterskiing at 12-years-old but didn’t pick it back up again until about a decade ago. 

“I loved the adrenaline rush and the amazing workout,” she revealed. “You’re having so much fun, you don’t even realize it’s a workout. Then, a couple of years ago on vacation, I skied on a slalom course. That’s where you have to ski around six buoys. Once you can do it at a certain speed, you bump up the boat speed. Then you start to shorten the rope. It’s incredibly challenging.”

During her recovery time, Tynan swam laps to keep active. She did the same thing during her marathon days to exercise through injuries. 

“Swimming was my idea since I have trouble sitting still,” she said, adding that her doctor and physical therapist fully approved. “I definitely learned a lot. First of all, listen to your body. Pain is a way for your body to tell your brain that something is wrong. Ignoring it just makes things worse. Skiing well is skiing smart!”


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