‘The New Plague’

Artist and educator Raphael Tiberino began painting at the age of four and has been in the spotlight as a professional creative for over 25 years. As a co-founder of the Subculture Gallery in New York City, he curated and participated in numerous art shows, including the 2004 “Kapow! Boom! Zap!: The Power of Comics” exhibit at the Rush Arts Gallery in Chelsea. Tiberino is president of The Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum, established in 1999 by the late muralist Joseph Tiberino to celebrate his wife and famed artist, Ellen. The museum houses an extensive collection of Ellen and Joe’s artwork alongside other artists that Raphael and his father collected over the years.

The style of his latest work can be traced back to his love of comics as a child. Teaching art is also a love of Tiberino’s since graduation from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA). Tiberino, a longtime bar industry professional, also serves as general manager of The Pen & Pencil Club, the oldest continuously operating press club in America. 

This piece, titled, “The New Plague,” depicts life in Philadelphia in the age of COVID. Follow artist Raphael Tiberino on Instagram @RaphaelTiberino.

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