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If it’s funny and it resides in South Philly, chances are the satirical Facebook page of the South Philly Review has caught it. | Image screenshot

The South Philly Review is a venerable weekly newspaper that has been serving residents since forever.

The South Philly Review also is a fairly new – and seriously funny – satirical Facebook page.

Today, we’ll focus on the latter. (To be absolutely clear, they are two completely separate entities that, if your IQ is higher than your shoe size, you’ll easily figure out.)

From the Mummers to the Philadelphia Parking Authority, the new South Philly Review pulls no punches. Weed? Safe-injection sites? The soda tax? MS-13? Gritty? Baby Yoda for president in 2020? You’ll find all of this and more.

So how do you get in on all the fun? Here’s how:

  • Go to Facebook.
  • Search for South Philly Review.
  • Click on either or both choices.
  • When you start laughing your ass off, you’ve found the one we’re talking about here.

PW recently caught up with the minds behind the satirical South Philly Review to get all the details behind the page.

From funny to just plain strange, the satire version of the South Philly Review Facebook page is pretty comical. | Image screenshot

So why start a South Philly-focused satirical Facebook page?

We were inspired by the passion of people on the Facebook page South Philly Born And Raised, as well as by our deep love of Sarcone’s seeded loaf.

What’s been the response from those who have visited your page? Is it what you expected?

People seem to love our in-depth reporting of the issues facing South Philly. They also really love our great Mayor Kenney. All of this is exactly as expected.

A sampling of the hilarity that is the Facebook page of the South Philly Review. No really. | Image screenshot

Who and what are your favorite story topics, and why?

Our favorite topics are the ones at the forefront of everyone’s mind. MS-13 using squirrels to run drugs, the soda tax, safe-injection sites. Frank Rizzo. The Mummers, of course, Froggy Carr in particular. The interns have been running the show over the holidays, and they’ve really done a great job. We’re still not going to pay them, but they all got a banana sticker.

And of course, the stories we have yet to write.

There’s been some back-and-forth with the “real” SPR and Facebook. How do you think all of that will play out? Any worries about getting shut down?

Our editor is a bit of a lush. The day we created the page it was supposed to be “South Philly Re-Ewwwww” but she was in her cups and screwed it up. We tried to fix it, but Facebook seems to not be allowing that at the moment. We’re clearly labeled as satire though, in this day and age people on social media should surely be able to tell the difference between real news, fake news, and obvious satire, don’t you think?

Where do you see the page going? Is this a “just for fun” thing for you or are there plans for even bigger and better things?

We’re going to Dawn’s Live Crabs to pick up dinner. I dunno, are you hiring?

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