Catching up with Connie Giordano

Connie Giordano, a Pennsylvania native who was born in Springfield and currently lives near Philadelphia, is starring in HBO’s hit series “Mare of Easttown.” 

In the series, which was filmed in the Philadelphia suburbs, Giordano plays Patty DelRasso. The show chronicles the dark side of a close-knit community and how past tragedies can continue to define the present. Patty is a nurse and restaurant owner who was one of Mare’s high-school basketball teammates. The all-star cast includes Academy Award winner Kate Winslet, Sosie Bacon, Jean Smart, Guy Pearce and Evan Peters just to name a few. 

In addition to this role, Giordano has starred in the indie films “Mr. Hush,” “The Lobster Wars” and “A Distant Society,” as well as appearing in a number of Off Broadway productions.

PW recently caught up with Giordano to talk about her career and her role in the hit series.

Why were you interested in joining the cast of “Mare of Easttown”? What attracted you to the show?

Kate Winslet, Kate Winslet, Kate Winslet. I wasn’t aware she was starring in it until after my audition, and then it was just a no brainer! Plus, telling a story set in Delaware County where I was born just made it a natural fit.  

You play Patty DelRasso in the series. How is this character similar, or different, from roles you’ve played in the past?

I loved playing a role so close to home! I’ve played many “dumb blondes” in my time, so Patty was very different but closer to me. I love to cook and Patty owns at Italian restaurant with her husband. She loves her family and I treasure my own family. She’s a mother, a role I’ve also played many times. So there are some similarities. I admit, as a young actor I worked in many restaurants. I hope that part of my life is now over! It’s a tough business and you’re married to it. I hope to stay with acting for good!  

What was it like filming with such an all-star cast? Did the pandemic impact production at all? 

The cast was wonderful. I didn’t meet everyone, but I met a lot of principal cast members. Everyone was lovely and so professional. I felt at home from the first day. The pandemic halted production for about five months or so, but I’m so grateful they returned because I understand other projects did not continue. So I was so happy we got to return to work!  

The series was filmed in the Philly suburbs. Did you enjoy filming so close to home?

I loved it! It was the first and only time I had such an easy commute! We actually filmed all over, from Bethlehem to Coatesville, and Philly to Phoenixville. I believe they shot in Ocean City, New Jersey, too. It was a delight being so close to home and recognizing so many familiar places on film!    

The series has received rave reviews, and reportedly had 1 million viewers for its debut episode, so it clearly has generated a lot of interest. What are your thoughts on how the series came out?

I’m thrilled that the audience is captivated! When I read the script, it felt like it was going to be intense, and I’m thrilled that Craig Zobel and Brad Ingelsby were able to capture the tension that was needed to keep the audience on their toes! I think it worked because I watched with some friends and they were mesmerized!  

What’s ahead for you? Any new projects? 

I’m a representative of Snow Joe/Sun Joe products on HSN, so that’s in the immediate future, but I’m also ready for more television roles. I’ve just started auditioning again, things have been slow because of COVID-19, so we will see what the future holds!

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