Aunyea Lachelle, the host of NBC10’s newest magazine show “Philly Live” provides this basic rundown of what to expect

Northeast Philly native Aunyea Lachelle is the host of NBC10’s “Philly Live,” a 15-minute weekday show available on TV and digitally through a host of streaming sites. | Image courtesy: NBC10

Earlier this month, NBC10 partnered with Visit Philadelphia to unveil the city’s newest magazine show, “Philly Live.”

The 15-minute daily drop is a professionally packaged promotional reel that clearly caters to a certain, umm, brand of Philadelphian. So far, “Philly Live” has expertly taken viewers around for a look at what I’ll refer to simply as “Basic Philly.” There’s been a dance battle with Gritty at the annual Best of Philly awards gala, a tennis lesson from Billie Jean King at the Philadelphia Racquet Club to high tea and snacks at the Rittenhouse Hotel while discussing Downton Abbey.

While this show’s first month hasn’t been exactly what I’d call a true look at or accurate representation of the Philadelphia the rest of us know, it is highlighted by the bubbly personality of its host, former 6ABC entertainment reporter and bona fide Philly native Aunyea Lachelle. Born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia, Lachelle, 26, brings high energy into every segment. Even if it’s something you care very little about (like talking red carpet fashion at the Emmys), one can at least appreciate Lachelle’s delivery.

Lachelle recently connected with PW to answer some questions about what Philly can expect from future shows and if and when it’ll delve into a layer of Philly not coated in frosting.

How was it preparing for that first week of “Philly Live”?

It’s been such a pleasure getting ready for our big premiere of “Philly Live.” We’ve been working on some really exciting content for our viewers. This show features entertainment, food, fashion and hidden adventures that you can only find in the Delaware Valley. Fans can also see some of their favorite Philly celebs, such as my exclusive tennis lesson with the legendary Billie Jean King, a game of foosball with Brian Westbrook and so much more!

How is this not like any other magazine show? In your mind, what makes this show uniquely different?

What I love about this show the most is how accessible it is. It can be watched not only on NBC10, but Roku, Apple TV, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. That’s what makes the show unlike any other show in this region. Not only do we want to show our viewers all there is to discover in and around the city, but we also want to make it easy for them to access the show as well.

What’s your background? And what was your life before NBC10?

Prior to joining NBC10, I worked as a community affairs coordinator and digital reporter at 6ABC and as a brand ambassador for Burlington Stores. I am a native of Northeast Philadelphia and earned my bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from West Chester University. I am a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.

You’re a Philadelphian, so how does “Philly Live” plan to highlight movers and shakers across ALL sections of the city, not just the parts that look good on TV?

I love my city so much! I come from a family of movers and shakers all native to Philadelphia. On a personal level, it’s extremely important to me that we not only shine a light on the city’s influencers, but on those whose hard work often goes untold. Nonprofits have been a big part of my life, so I’m glad that this show can serve as another platform to get their message across. Among the nonprofits to be featured on “Philly Live” will be local animal shelters and rescues that we partner with for Clear the Shelters, our pet adoption initiative. We’ll feature a local animal shelter or rescue in a weekly segment during the show.

When you’re not preparing for this show, what’s Aunyea Lachelle getting into in and around Philly?

I love hanging out with my family and friends. I also love spending quality time with my fiancé while we work hard to plan our wedding, happening next spring. However, music has and will always be a huge part of my life. During the 1960s, my family formed a gospel group, The Porter Family Singers. They toured the country and even had a hit album out! That’s why I love to listen to music and even write my own songs (just for fun, of course). I’m also a big foodie and consider myself to be somewhat of a fashionista. So, when I’m not on the air you can find me at the nearest happy hour or boutique.

What’s something Philly doesn’t know about you that you’d like to share?

It is my hope that when people watch this show and see me hosting they feel like I’m right there with them. The exciting thing is that I am also on this experience with our viewers. Everything we’re showing and telling them about, I’m also trying out for myself just so they can see what it’s like. For example, I am terrified of heights — I don’t even ride roller coasters. However, the minute I found out there was a flying trapeze class in Philly, I was right there testing it out so that the viewers can immerse themselves in the experience as well. If I look at this overall? I’m just an ordinary girl from Philly whose dreams came true.

Philly Live | Mondays-Fridays at 11:45 a.m.


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