Wanted: Headcases with a laptop

Contrast of emotions of the same man
If you consider yourself counterculture and everything in your life is anything but a societal norm, then come write for us. | Image: PxHere

Do your friends say you are a little bit off?

Do you believe the norms of society simply do not apply to you?

Do people stare at you on the EL because of the clothes you are wearing, assuming you indeed chose to wear clothes that day?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, we at PW want to hear from you.

The new year is right around the corner, and it’s a new day and a new mission here. We are moving away from the government  – and political-driven coverage that so many other media outlets provide. We no longer will blend into the crowd and follow the media herd to the conventional, often irrelevant and redundant stories everybody else is doing.

We want the stories they won’t publish – as in last week’s Love City Satanists story. Or next year’s holiday gift guide, which will feature a section of the best sex toys you can buy for less than $50.

And to help us on our way, we are looking for fresh, provocative and inspiring voices who also happen to be a little bit crazy. People who have the creativity, drive, passion and don’t-give-a-damnness to tell the stories others won’t.

Is that you? We won’t know unless you tell us about yourself and your ambitions.

Oh, but you’re not a writer? Yeah, you probably are, but you just don’t know it. If you have stories to tell, we’ll make you a writer.

Maybe you’re a laborer by day and a sex addict by night who frequents clubs that cater to a certain clientele. You can share your thoughts and opinions about these clubs with others, and, if you want, we can keep your real identity private so that you can keep your job and avoid the side-eye from your conforming coworkers.

Maybe you’re that person on the street corner singing, not for donations, but because God told you to.

Ever actually worn a tinfoil hat or lose an argument with an inanimate object? Are you certain Elvis is alive and Paul McCartney is not?

All of the above should consider themselves qualified candidates to write for us.

Or maybe you’re just someone who thrives on thinking and writing about the weird things that make the city what it is or the trends nobody else is talking about. Shit, maybe you could use a little extra cash in your pocket.

We want to hear from all of you. Maybe you have one great story in you, maybe you have 100. We’ll figure it out.

But we won’t find out until or unless you tell us about yourself and whatever twisted and depraved thoughts and actions motivate you to get out of bed every day. Send us an email at mail@philadelphiaweekly.com. Include whatever name you’re going by that day (but make sure we have a real one on file that we can use for the checks) and the issues you want to write about.

This is your chance to be famous. Or infamous. 

Or at least the No. 1 topic of all of your future family gatherings.

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