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Live from mom’s basement

You, Sir, sound like a real pussy. I open the paper each week and there you are whining about some “injustice” like a little bitch. I’m guessing you voted for Krasner too as you both are stupid donkeys. Do you want facts? Here they are. This liberal city run by blacks is the reason everything is in the toilet. Kenney may be the face but he ain’t running shit. You need to focus on your people and your problems. 

People come down to build up these shitty communities and you have the audacity to argue with them while they’re trying to work? I wish I was that [construction] worker [mentioned in a Nov. 7 From the Editor column entitled Losing Control]. I would’ve decked you in the fucking face, you little bitch. I’ll get this paper because I like the news but I ain’t reading your liberal bullshit anymore. You need to be replaced and head back to the welfare line and PW needs to get someone that’s a little less whiny and has more balls. 

– Jim D. | South Philadelphia

She said it…

Fossil Free Penn coordinator, Katie Collier. | Image: Isabella Cossu

“We have decided to disrupt the Board of Trustees meeting because the administration has refused to negotiate with us about fossil fuel divestment in any meaningful way. We needed to create a situation so urgent and immediate that they had no choice but to listen to our voices and meet our demands.”

– Katie Collier, a Fossil Free Penn coordinator, on Nov. 8 at the Inn at Penn, after a group of 74 Penn students and faculty vocally disrupted and halted a meeting of the university’s Board of Trustees. Organizers said the purpose of the disruption was to protest the Penn administration’s refusal to publicly justify its practice of investing Penn’s endowment in the fossil fuel industry.

We hear you, Amy

[Dear, Editor]:

My husband was approached by the principal of his Catholic high school when he was a 14-year-old freshman. As stated in my [previous] letter, his grandfather had already told him the truth about the Roman Catholic Church, but also taught him to box starting at age 5. His grandpop had been a prizefighter in Ireland as a young man, along with his brothers, at horse auctions, fairs, and so on, and my husband put himself through (a Catholic) college mainly by prizefighting. 

Anyway, when the principal propositioned him, my husband told him if he ever came near him like that again, he’d “rip his face off.” The principal and later another priest there told him he was “defying God” which, to me, especially with a psychology background, is appalling beyond words! Pedophile priests do terrible, horrific psychological and emotional damage resulting in addictions, alcoholism, and suicide. Some of my husband’s classmates did become victims of the principal, but fortunately, he was tough enough to stand up to victimization mainly due to his grandpop’s efforts and “history lesson” concerning the RCC.

Anyway, thanks so much for publishing my letter. You made my day, not to mention making me feel as though I was heard. Thank you!

– Amy E. Page | Philadelphia 

Quotes for conversation…

“Good luck going forward.”

Former Republican Party Chairman Michael Meehan

This was from Meehan in a short email announcing his resignation from the post after last week’s embarrassing GOP showing in the city election.

Your turn: What’s the future for the Republican party in Philadelphia? Does it even have one? Send your thoughts to voices@phiadelphiaweekly.com


Bags of chips

Let people make their own choices

Hello Editor, what’ up! You are an angry young man and I’m an angry old South Philly boy who knows that the only color is green (see Kenyatta Johnson and most politicians for proof). You can’t force people to eat highly salted foods leading to disastrous health costs. Mr. Bacon Fat is a green man, my man. The only conspiracy is against all of us. I’m a storyteller and I was hoping to see you at the Aruba Club ‘cause I get the feeling that you are alright dude. Later! SOUTH PHILLY FOREVER!

– Mark “The Harp” Polito | South Philadelphia

Comcast (allegedly) doesn’t like black people

Comcast is attempting to pass off targeted racism as business as usual. Americans should be alarmed at this blatant attack on fundamental rights that deserve protection. Our campaign has been successful at raising awareness on a national level through petitioning and public awareness campaigns in various cities. Last week, the Baltimore City Council passed a unanimous resolution to investigate the business practices of Comcast.  Rep. Bobby Rush recently called for Comcast to be broken up. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and a host of other representatives voiced their discontent with Comcast’s lack of concern for customers of color in a letter to the corporation. Days ago, Rev. Bernice King, the daughter of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. slammed Comcast for the detrimental impact that a SCOTUS ruling on behalf of Comcast would have on our Country. Our community is raising up against this racist and cold corporation. The fact that Comcast has yielded 10 minutes of their time in front of the Supreme Court to Donald Trump’s Department of Justice adds insult to injury. 

There is a rising tide of activism in this country that is targeting corporations that value dollars more than our lives. It is unfathomable that Comcast would set the civil rights movement back two centuries to save money. This is why we rally, this is why we will march, this is why we will Stop Comcast.

– Hawk Newsome | New York

Dems, China, Russia want our guns

Democrats tilt so far left nowadays they joust at windmill giants while “Rome” burns under $23 trillion of progressive debt they promise to exponentially increase in exchange for votes. It is no wonder they want to take our guns away from us. I’m sure China and Russia would like to see that happen as well.

– Michael W. Jarvis | Salt Lake City, Utah

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