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The Shout Out:

With COVID vaccinations rolling out, places like gyms, restaurants, etc. are slowly starting to reopen.

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What are you looking most forward to getting back to “normal?” When will you feel comfortable resuming your pre-pandemic activities?

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Trump fails his oath to serve and protect

Donald Trump had a duty of care to protect the individuals present in the Capitol Building on the day of the riots. He had a duty of care to protect the rioters from themselves. His words incited an angry and ultimately violent event leading to the deaths of people as well as serious injuries. He delayed taking action to stop the riots. He failed to fulfill his sworn oath to serve and protect. He is culpable and should be held responsible for his actions and lack thereof.  

Donald Trump may not have had his knee on the necks of those who died, but he actively participated in their deaths and others injuries. He needs to answer in criminal court.


Join the debate

From crime in the city and the city’s overreaching COVID restrictions on restaurants, to former President Trump’s actions regarding the recent violence on Capitol Hill, PW readers are letting their feelings be known on social media. Below are only a few examples. Want to join in? Follow PW on Twitter and Instagram: @PhillyWeekly.

On the recent shooting death of a Temple graduate in Brewerytown: 

“Does anybody find it rather precarious that they were able to find this violent criminal so fast, yet can’t seem to find not one suspect in the killings of hundreds of neighborhood murders? Something ain’t right.” – @RavenellLonnie

Image: Courtesy of Irina Blok

The city’s COVID restrictions on restaurants: 

“Some people’s lives depend on those businesses. If research shows the indoor dining lockdowns didn’t work, then what the fuck is the point of continuing to do them?” – @knobkabob

“The intent was not to stop COVID, but rather to scare the citizens into submission to the mayor’s office and to cripple small business owners.”  – @gr_dona

Trump and the Capitol violence: 

“The law prohibits the incitement and assistance, and participation in, a rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States and its laws. The punishment for this crime is a fine, a maximum sentence of 10 years in federal prison and ineligibility for public office.” – @GPHaeffner

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