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The Shout Out

The New Year is almost here – and that means it’s time to resolve to turn over a few new leaves.

Your turn:

What should the city government’s New Year’s resolutions be?

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PW cover wildly inappropriate

Re: PW’s Dec. 17 cover:

While I recognize that what follows that cover is an editorial, I feel it is wildly inappropriate to make the claims that you are making. Thousands are dying every day while you and others concern yourselves with business viability. This is a massively complex issue that you are bringing down to its lowest common denominator. 

If whoever reads this message has any lofty journalistic ideals with which you may have entered college left, I believe that you feel the appropriate level of shame for this publication and I urge you to speak truth to those with the power of the pen.

Jamie Rubin | Philadelphia

Opinion pieces need to respect facts

Re: Paul Davis’ Dec. 17 column:

Even an opinion piece needs to respect facts. And columnists have an obligation to their readers to use current information.

I was dismayed to find MOVE listed as a “violent group” in the article’s second paragraph. The violence associated with the group is the aerial bombing of their home in 1985 resulting in the deaths of 11 MOVE members, including children. This violence was perpetrated by city officials. Recently the city offered an apology. Casual and untrue name-calling in this context is victim blaming. 

Paul Davis admiringly quotes Joseph Wambaugh on the killing of George Floyd as an “incident” and an example of the kind of “instant life-and-death decisions” police make, ignoring the well known fact that it took officer Chauvin 8 minutes and 46 seconds to kill Floyd, hardly an instant.

Marta Guttenberg | Center City 

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