The Scene: Sakura Sunday

Is it officially spring in Philly until pink flowers fall from the sky?

Sakura Sunday, the grand finale of the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival, is the culmination of Philly’s annual appreciation for Japanese culture. This will be a jam-packed day of celebrations for all ages.

Artists will take over two stages to showcase their cultural talents, performing anything from traditional music and dance to cosplay. Revamp your boring signature and learn about a significant piece of Japanese art in a calligraphy workshop. Hell, there will even be a “Prettiest Pet in Pink Contest,” giving you an excuse to stare at cute puppies all day.

For the history buffs out there, did you know the first cherry blossoms in Philly were planted in Fairmount Park in 1926 as a gift from Japan? The gift keeps on giving every year that these trees pop back up to ease us into spring. They provide us with some colorful beauty – and those damn petals that fall everywhere – in a city full of concrete and steel.

Even if you didn’t jump into any of the events held during the nine-day-long Cherry Blossom Festival, you have to come out for this one. Plus it’s a Sunday where the Eagles aren’t playing so what else are you doing?

Sakura Sunday | April 14. 11am. $15. Fairmount Park Horticulture Center, 100 N. Horticultural Dr.


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