The Scene: Radio 104.5’s Winter Jawn

Philly sure does love their jawns.

And why wouldn’t we? Jawns are, well … anything, nothing and everything in between. We have no choice but to love them.

To that end, if you’ve got jawns (kids) and a hankering to hit a jawn (outdoor concert featuring food, brews, Young the Giant, Matt & Kim, lovelytheband and more), then this might be the jawn (event) for you. Plus, it’s free.

Ever wondered what a jawn actually is? Does anyone really know? Or did it just up and appear one day, stumbling over the trash-blown curbs of our sweet Philly streets just like Gritty (and the Phillie Phanatic before him)?

The fruits of our own (admittedly light) research provided a satisfactory, if ultimately bland answer. It – allegedly, though we refuse to listen to internet hucksters and won’t give shrift to the kind of small-minded nitwits … oh, wait, this is straight from a Merriam Webster dictionary, my bad –  actually originated in (gulp) New York City, and derives from the word “joint,” which in the 1800s was the preferred term for the kind of disreputable places where gangsters and opium addicts would meet.

How. Very. Philly.

Radio 104.5’s Winter Jawn Concert | Jan. 26. 11am. Free. Xfinity Live!, 1100 Pattison Ave.


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