The Scene: Philadelphia PHLASH Downtown Loop Opening Day

Philadelphia PHLASH Downtown Loop Opening Day

From Penn’s Landing to the Museum of the American Revolution, from Eastern State Penitentiary to the madness of the Mutter, from the National Constitution Center to the The Franklin Institute to the Philadelphia Zoo and everywhere between and beyond, the PHLASH downtown loop has you covered.

Re-opening on Thursday for the first time in 2019 with cheap fares – $2 for a ride, $5 for a day pass – and an every-15-minute service time, there’s no better way to get around downtown this summer.

Which is a good thing since, ya know, Philly’s amazing and all and, somehow, despite already existing for close to three-plus centuries, despite all the amazing stuff that’s been in place since Mr. Franklin first walked these streets, despite the Liberty Bell and the Art Museum and the fact that democracy as we know it (knew it??) literally sprung out of the cobblestones comprising those streets, still getting better.

Thinking about hitting the Museum of Jewish American History for an afternoon of solemn remembrance and sincere reflection? PHLASH has you covered.

Hoping to hop aboard and speed on over to the Shops at Liberty Place for a quick culinary and/or sartorial slay sesh? PHLASH has you covered.

How about a few pictures of you, pretending to punch the Rocky statue as your wife and kids look on from just out of focus, their faces painted with an alarming mixture of confusion and shame? Sure, PHLASH still has you covered.

And what if you’re determined to scar your kids irrevocably with a blindfolded trip to the top of One Liberty Place, where you’ll wait until you’ve reached the perfect place, the very edge of the observation deck, to whisk the blindfold away and shout, “Fly, my children! Fly!”

Technically, yeah, PHLASH has you covered.

Philadelphia PHLASH Downtown Loop Opening Day | March 28. 10am. $2/ride, $5/day pass, $7/two-day pass. Downtown Philadelphia.


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