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With events halted thanks to COVID-19, read all about yourself in PW

Could being in our pages make you feel like this? We think so. If you do something people should know, tell us. | Image: Eric Smart

As you know, as everybody knows by now, the coronavirus is canceling events left and right.

Concerts, comedy gigs, theater, you name it, and it’s probable that anything scheduled for the next few weeks has been canceled. And while that sucks for the performers and their fans, it also has opened a new opportunity for local artists, especially those who might not have hit the big-time yet.

PW wants to turn the spotlight on local bands, artists, comedians, performers, etc. We want to profile you, tell your story, talk about your music, comedy, stage act, whatever, and let people know how they can find out more about you.

All you have to do is tell us you want to be featured in PW.

Send an email to mail@philadelphiaweekly.com. Tell us a little about yourself, your career, how you got started, etc. Attach a couple of high-res photos if you can.

From there, we’ll reach out to you and get the ball rolling.

Nobody likes being stuck at home for who knows how long, but we can make the best of it. Let’s start by introducing some of Philly’s homegrown talent to the rest of the city.

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  • Eugene Zenyatta was raised on old-time Memphis 'rasslin' and strongly prefers the company of dogs to people. His greatest heartbreak came in the 2010 Breeders' Cup Classic.

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