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Mindfulness at the Museum

You need to chill. The Institute of Contemporary Art can help

Image of a sign that reads "Breathe"
Relax from all the stress the holiday season puts on all of us courtesy of the Institute of Contemporary Art. | Image: Fabian Moller

It’s about time we center ourselves amid all this holiday stress. Stop by for some meditation where you’ll sit in silence with others and reflect on the experience after.

This is great for getting you into the mindset to try the same at home – if you could get everybody else to be quiet for a few minutes.

At this session, participants will enjoy a combination of walking and seated meditation for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. The session continues with a moment of reflection, providing them with an opportunity to learn more about the individuals they have taken this journey with, and how collective experiences relate to the art.

The instructor provides closure by offering a brief meditation and encouragement to the group, asking participants to consider how their liberation exists in the collective when we are mindful.

What: Mindfulness at the Museum Where: Institute of Contemporary Art, 118 S. 36th St. When: Friday, Dec. 20, noon. How much: Free More: eventbrite.com

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