Make Contraceptives Cheaper/Slow Philly’s Gun Violence

Marco Verch

Simms should sponsor bill to make contraceptives cheaper

I am a current 12th-grade student and one of Brian Sims’ constituents. I am writing to encourage Sims to sponsor a bill that would make contraceptives cheaper or more easily covered by insurance. Since he is an avid supporter of women’s health issues, I believe he would be pleased to sponsor this type of bill.

I have thoroughly reviewed the details of HB 617, a bill to require health insurance policies to cover pre-exposure prophylaxis HIV medication. I am in strong support of this bill because it emphasizes the importance of sexual health and protecting yourself. By making this medication cheaper, more people are incentivized to take this medication. I believe this same idea can be applied to contraceptives used by women. Birth control and emergency contraceptives are not cheap and not always covered by insurance.

Furthermore, I have reviewed the details of HB 1415, a bill to require LGBTQ+ history instruction, and HB 1931 which would provide for African American and Latino studies in public schools. I am also in full support of both bills, but I have noticed that Sims has voted “Nay” on many bills involving online education. I hope in the future he would consider amending these bills to include students at home because these are important topics that all adolescents should learn about. Furthermore, the pandemic has caused many students to prefer online learning or have put students in positions where they need to be in online school. I believe that it would be unfair to not provide for all of these students’ education.

I appreciate all the work Brian Sims is doing in the House and I hope he will take my opinions into consideration.

Giuliana Alleva | Philadelphia


Help to slow down Philly’s gun violence

Urban Navigation is a community organization developed to help slow down our city of Philadelphia’s gun violence. The methods served are for the youth to build successful and productive violence-free lives. We connect with our youth through their interests to engage them toward better lives, while also reducing crime, and improving environments.

There is a self-destructive ideology among the youth. Some of this destruction comes from social media. But social media is not the full problem. In order to change the destructive path that many youth face, we have to fully understand the next plus new generational culture. Urban Navigation provides experiences and training within the youths’ culture, leading to technical skills, entrepreneurial mentorship, life skills training, additionally providing mentorship and guidance to ATV/dirt bike riders.

Experiences through Urban Navigation are going on to local streets giving information to all youth about their lives not being in jeopardy. Showcasing ATV riders just riding cautiously with no guns or criminal activity actions being involved.

Training and mentorship can be provided at studio 210 inside Billy Penn Studios. This studio accommodates a platform for creative minds such as having podcasts, office space, media/music studio, virtual reality facility, or rest area. Enhancing technical skills can be supplied at Philadelphia Technical Training Institute. There will also be events/conventions hosted in the near future for all citizens to attend for informational purposes. The essence of Urban Navigation is people who want to make changes.

For more information, visit along with Facebook page @urbannav. Head Nerds In Charge are one of the great creative partners of Urban Navigation. HNIC’s focus is giving a platform to the deserving content creators, curators, and artists with a focus on people of color. For information look up Facebook page @Headnerdsincharge and visit

Community Activist/Advocate Alim Howell

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