• Coming To A Sky Near You

    Roswell, NM, may be a hotbed of alien analysis, but extraterrestrial sighting and study is not limited to the Southwest. Here’s the lowdown from some UFO spotters and scoffers in […]

  • Eartha Kitt

    Background Eartha Kitt possesses one of the most seductive and feline voices ever known. She is the textbook diva — a woman who acts with divine providence as high as […]

  • His Name Is Alive

    Warren Defever, 27-year-old guitarist and songwriter for His Name Is Alive, considers his music “Midwestern” even though it sounds more like 21st-century surf rock. “There really isn’t an indigenous form […]

  • Nixon

    Oliver Stone’s Nixon is best when it’s dazed and confused. by Cindy Fuchs Directed by Oliver Stone A Hollywood Pictures Release “Always remember: Others may hate you, but those who hate you […]