Christine Flowers

Christine Flowers wishes she could say that she was born and raised in Philadelphia, but she was only raised here.  An accident of birth had her seeing the light of day in Baltimore at Mt. Sinai hospital while her parents were living near Memorial Stadium (at a time Johnny U was playing for the legendary Colts,) but she returned to Philly with her parents at the age of two months and so her local cred is fairly strong. She attended 12 years of Catholic girls school, obtained her undergraduate degree in French at Bryn Mawr College and her law degree at Villanova.  After clerking for the Pennsylvania Superior Court, she taught high school languages for a few years and then began to practice immigration law, something that she has done for the past quarter century with the Law Offices of Joseph M. Rollo. In her spare time, Christine writes a bi-weekly column for the Delaware County Sunday Times, and is an occasional radio host and substitute in Philadelphia.  She has also been a panelist on  6abc’s Inside Story, a current affairs program.  She is the aunt of an amazing fourth grader named Alexander, the co-owner of two adorable black labs named Chance and Sophie and a Bearded Dragon named Bernie, an avid knitter, a devoted reader and a rabid Philadelphia Eagles fan.