Get to know: Union head coach Jim Curtin

He may ply his trade in Chester, but Union head coach and Queen Village resident Jim Curtin tells us his favorite things to get into at home in Philadelphia:

Favorite place to get a bite?

Kei Sushi. It looks like somebody’s house from the outside, but you can drive by it a hundred times and not know it was a top sushi restaurant in the city. Also, Hungry Pigeon, but I’m a bit torn that it’s no longer a secret. But that was my local coffee shop for quite some time.

Favorite place to take the family?

We like taking our kids to play, it’s all about saving money, right? There’s a little park near us called Mario Lanza Park, which is again another one off the beaten path that no one knows about. I go there to throw the wiffle ball around and play baseball [with my son] or play soccer or kick the ball with the girls.

It’s date night. Where are you taking the wife?

Oh, man. I’m going to get in trouble because I have some restaurant friends who are going to piss somebody off. But if I’m being honest, I’m actually a big Vernick fan. It’s really fancy food, but it’s not overpriced. It’s very casual and laid back, which I’d kind of like to think summarizes me a little bit.

When you aren’t forced to have to wear Adidas sportswear, where do you like to shop?

Ps and Qs, man. It’s not even close for me. Their gear is awesome and they also cover a wide variety of styles, plus I love a lot of their own stuff that they make in the shop. It is incredible.

Favorite sports team?

I mean, I’m a Sixers guy. I’ve been with the Sixers and had some tickets in the dark days. I’ve given them up now, when I got drafted [into MLS] and moved away. But they’re a team that for me, when they are doing well, there’s a real buzz and feel about the city. I know the Eagles would be an easy one to say and they’re the most popular for sure. But I think the Sixers right now are doing some special things.

Last question. Your favorite Philadelphian. 

I think a guy that kind of represents Philadelphia and in a great way in all aspects of life, is actually [Roots drummer] Questlove. I just think he screams Philly through and through. Whatever the topic is, if it’s political, if it’s what’s hip, what’s cool in Philly, I feel like he always has a good way of articulating things in an authentic way.


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