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St. Patrick's Beer
We’re compiling a mass list of events coming down the path for St. Paddy’s day and we want you to be on it. Here’s how. | Image provided

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching quickly – it’s Tuesday, March 17.

While technically St. Patrick’s Day celebrates one of Ireland’s patron saints, it’s also a day to enjoy all things Irish.

For many however, part of that celebration just means means one thing: beer.

On March 12, PW will publish a roundup of all of the St. Patrick’s Day celebratory events in Philadelphia. Check that, PW will publish a roundup of all of the celebratory St. Patrick Day events in Philadelphia we’re told about. It will be a grand, magnificent list of everything from bar crawls to special entrees at local restaurants.

Want to be included on that list? It’s easy.

Simply send an email to telling us what your bar, pub, restaurant, etc. has planned for St. Patrick’s Day. Make your best pitch to our readers as to why they should show up at your place and spend their hard-earned money with you.

Deadline to get your info to us is March 6.

Philadelphians of all types will take to the streets this St. Patrick’s Day looking to have a great time. The question is: Will they make a stop at your place? Will they even know you have something special going on? They will if you tell us and we tell them.

Don’t put this off until it’s too late. Let us know now what your establishment has planned for St. Patrick’s Day.

Then sit back and wait for the green-clad horde to show up on March 17.

  • Eugene Zenyatta was raised on old-time Memphis 'rasslin' and strongly prefers the company of dogs to people. His greatest heartbreak came in the 2010 Breeders' Cup Classic.

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