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Bring on the Bunny

Any Easter and Passover specials? Tell us, and we’ll tell everyone else

Image: Gary Bendig

Easter and Passover are right around the corner, and, with the city starting to open up, we know local restaurants are gearing up for the holidays.

We know this because a bunch of restaurants have already shared their specials with us.

But we’re pretty certain there are more eateries out there that are planning feasts. Now, we want to hear from them.

Send your Easter and Passover specials to news@philadelphiaweekly.com by March 29. Then, on April 1, we’ll publish a roundup of all of the specials in our area.

It’s been a difficult past 12 months, and now there are signs that things are starting to return to “normal.” That means people are ready and eager to celebrate Easter and Passover – and just might be looking for a special dinner. It also means that restaurants that have endured a terrible economic hit are also ready to battle back.

So let’s all work together to celebrate these holidays. If you own a restaurant and you have holiday specials, let us know, and then we’ll let hungry Philadelphians know.  

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