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What Does a Marijuana Plant Look Like? Physical Characteristics, Aroma, Color & More

Marijuana Plant

For ages, people have been aware of the healing and leisure advantages that marijuana offers, and its popularity keeps on growing every day.

Despite being a well-known symbol of non-conformist culture, few people are familiar with the appearance of the marijuana plant.

It’s a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind plant with a rich and interesting history.

Whether you’re just interested in the plant or want to grow it yourself, knowing how a marijuana plant looks serves as an important step in comprehending its distinct qualities.

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THC Did You Know

What Do Weed Plants Look Like?

Marijuana plants are tall and distinctive because of their green, leafy appearance. Its leaves are typically green and spiky, having a distinct odor and taste.

Its flowers grow in clusters and are small in size. They come in a rich variety of colors that range from purple, orange, and green to yellow.

Marijuana is a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind plant with a rich and fascinating history. For ages, its therapeutic and recreational benefits have been well known, and its popularity keeps growing everyday.

Physical Features

Marijuana plants can reach heights of up to 12 feet. The stem of a marijuana plant is usually green, although it can sometimes appear brown or purple.

Marijuana plant leaves are incredibly huge and thin, growing to reach about 2 feet in length. Marijuana leaves are sleek and green, with a serrated edge that lends the plant its characteristic appearance.

Its flowers are tiny and come in an array of colors, the most frequent being orange and purple. The flowers are difficult to identify since they are so little and occur in bunches.


The hue of the cannabis plant is crucial. Marijuana is suitable for a variety of applications based mostly on leaf color. Green marijuana leaves are high in THC, the chemical that gives marijuana its medical and recreational characteristics.

Yellow, orange, and brown marijuana leaves contain little THC and therefore are used for other reasons. Cannabis plants sporting purple or red leaves are usually decorative and not consumed.

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The scent and taste of marijuana are instantly recognizable. Marijuana has a characteristic odor that is generally characterized as pleasant and earthy, though it varies greatly based on the strain.

Marijuana is also renowned for having a distinct flavor that varies depending on the strain. Marijuana may be grown in a number of flavors, including citrus, berry, and vanilla.

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How Long Have People Been Growing Weed Plants?

Marijuana has a long history, dating back to ancient cultures such as China and India. Marijuana was being cultivated for thousands of years as a decorative plant and a source of industrial fiber, but its medical benefits have been recognized since olden days as well.

Marijuana production was made illegal in the United States in 1937, and the government started to strictly regulate its use.

Marijuana has been increasingly used for medical, recreational, and industrial uses around the world since the 1990s.

It is currently legal to cultivate, own, and smoke marijuana recreationally in several places, as well as for therapeutic purposes in others.

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What do weed plants look like

What Can Cannabis Be Used For?

Marijuana has numerous applications, including recreational as well as medicinal ones. Green marijuana leaves are high in THC, the chemical that gives marijuana its medical and recreational characteristics.

Yellow, orange, and brown marijuana leaves have relatively little THC and are typically utilized for other reasons. Red or purple-leafed marijuana plants are typically decorative and are not utilized for consumption.

How to Grow Marijuana At Home

Depending on your environment and preferences, marijuana can be grown indoors or outdoors. Marijuana plants require a lot of sunlight and can be grown hydroponically, in water, or in soil. Check this guide for more information on how to germinate weed seeds.

Cannabis plants should be grown in a brightly lit, clean environment with lots of ventilation. To allow for optimal air circulation, plants ought to be spaced some feet apart.

Cannabis plants can be grown all year and produce blooms (and thus marijuana seeds) during eight to twelve weeks of the growth season.

For indoor growing, getting the strongest indica strains you can find would be a good idea as these will stay short and still provide potent effects.

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What Does a Weed Plant Look Like? – Wrapping Up

So, now you know what a weed plant looks like. It’s easy to spot the marijuana plant’s tall, green leaves. Its green leaves are typically spiky and have a distinct odor and taste.

Marijuana flowers are small and grow in clusters, and they come in an array of shades from orange, purple, and green to yellow.

Marijuana has a long and interesting history, and it can be grown for recreational or medicinal uses. Understanding the qualities of a marijuana plant requires first learning what it looks like.

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