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The Scene: Voting Day

Put down the paper, close the laptop and shut off the smartphone, because it's time to vote. 

Put down the paper, close the laptop and shut off the smartphone, because it’s time to vote. 

If you are a resident of the Greater Philadelphia Region, go find your polling place for the Midterm Elections.

Now. Like right now.

Go, please. The future of our democracy depends on you.

If you still haven’t voted and/or have no plans to, well, fuck you. We can’t stop you from reading the rest of this but we hope you have a hard time sleeping tonight. Or maybe you trip on the carpet or stub your big toe on the side of a coffee table or sofa. Or maybe you’ll forget to set your alarm and be an hour late for work.

Or even of you manage make it on time, you still have a really, really rough morning and Kyle your annoying coworker who pretends to be your friend but is secretly vying for your job comes over to you desk to talk/mine you for information before you even sit down with that cup of coffee. The cup of coffee you’ll only realize is burnt after the fact courtesy of Janice from accounting who made it two hours ago – three hours before you showed up for work.

The Tuesday pastries you look forward to each week? Gone, thanks to Kyle. Oh, and Janice sends an email saying there are “inaccuracies” on your expense report. All of which by extension makes Tuesday-Friday the longest days of the workweek before you hit the weekend and still realize you helped to change nothing in our fragile democracy.

If you planned to vote, then none of this applies to you and you by and large are an amazing American.

Voting Day | Nov. 6. Literally everywhere. philadelphiavotes.com


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