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7 Best Spiritual Dating Sites to Help Bring Love to You

spiritual dating sites

It’s no lie. Spiritual compatibility goes a long way in helping partners stick together.

Even though there are a number of inter-religion relationships, too many spiritual differences can be a point of conflict regularly.

You don’t want that, right?

Consequently, many people feel compelled to reconnect with their inner selves and explore spirituality.

But you know what? You don’t have to keep talking to every dating site match trying to gauge how spiritually fitting both of you are.

Lucky you! There are niche online dating sites and apps, tailored for spiritual singles.

Whether you want to match on religious or spiritual beliefs, these spiritual dating sites will take you to your kindred spirit.

So hey, let’s jump in!

Top Dating Sites for Spiritual Singles – First Look

  1. Spiritual Singles – Best free spiritual dating app overall
  2. Meet Mindful – Amazing dating website for younger people
  3. Christian Mingle – Biggest christianity spiritual connection site
  4. eHarmony – Leading matching algorithm
  5. Soulful Match – Most inclusive spiritual connection app
  6. Green Singles – Nature-minded spiritual site
  7. dharmaMatch – Niche eastern spirituality dating platform

Online Dating for Spiritual People Leading Sites

1. Spiritual Singles – Best Spiritual Dating Site Overall


  • Receptive singles
  • Detailed profiles
  • Great compatibility percentages
  • Free texting if premium subscriber starts communication
  • Regular community events


  • No mobile app


  • 1 month – $23/m
  • 6 months – $12/m

Spiritual Singles is among the pioneering websites aimed at nurturing spiritual connections.

Needless to say, they have longevity and legitimacy.

Registration on Spiritual Singles is a simple process.

You will be prompted to provide basic details such as your screen name, sexual preference, and gender, and it won’t take more than a few minutes.

The site will also ask about your spirituality, diet choices, lifestyle preferences, and more just to ensure that you’re not matched on spirituality alone but also overall lifestyle compatibility.

To help you out, the site has guidelines for creating a fantastic profile photo that can help you appeal to other people more.

Moreover, most profiles are very detailed; therefore, it’s easy to see if someone is a great person for you.

Spiritual Singles also asks a few questions based on your dating goals so that it can connect you to personable singles. You can further input a unique question and answer if you feel an important topic to you has been left out.

Each profile features a compatibility section where you can check how closely your answers are on the compatibility questions, simplifying the search for a lasting spiritual partnership.

With the free membership, you can send messages if a premium member sparks the conversation.

With the premium version, you get unlimited communication and member profile access.

>>Use the compatibility section and make connections

2. Meet Mindful – Great for Young People


  • Android/iOS mobile apps
  • A large user base in major cities
  • Fast registration via Facebook
  • 2-day completely free trial
  • Deeper connections


  • The mobile app needs improvement


  • 1 month – $29/m
  • 3 months – $49 total
  • 6 months – $79 total

Meet Mindful is a relatively young company. Nevertheless, it is one of the fastest-growing dating sites for people seeking meaningful relationships.

When signing up, all you need is your Facebook account. However, you can also use your email address if you don’t want a Facebook sign-up.

When registering, you’ll describe your idea of spirituality, and the platform will use your answer to connect you with people who share the same spiritual beliefs.

While some may find the sign-up process on Meet Mindful long, this careful approach helps link you to other high-quality profiles and give you amazing value for your time.

Again, this platform moves away from the obsession with physical attraction. Most connections are done on interests and relationship goals.

The site also has a vibrant community where like-minded people can have deeper conversations.

Profiles here will have terms like “mindfulness,” “connection,” “spirituality,” and similar expressions to hint at what kind of spiritual person they are and what they are looking for.

If you choose to go premium, you can view users who liked your profile and engage in direct conversations with them.

A mobile app is also available for download from the app store, but you can also choose to use the web version.

>>Download this app and meet new people

3. Christian Mingle – A Classic Christian Dating Site

christian mingle logoPros

  • Broad dating pool
  • Healthy male-to-female ratio
  • Affordable plans
  • Simple interface
  • User-friendly swipe tool


  • Limited free membership


  • 1 month – $49.99/m
  • 3 months – $24.99/m
  • 6 months – $19.99/m

Want to take home a good Christian man or woman? Then Christian Mingle speaks your language.

Unlike other dating sites, this dating site is dedicated to spiritual fulfillment based on Christianity.

This specialization sets it apart from other platforms, allowing you to concentrate solely on tailored Christianity values.

Naturally, Christian Singles will suggest other users near you, which makes it easy to actually meet up as you get to know someone better.

Additionally, you could also expand your search beyond your location, if you don’t mind a little bit of long distance dating.

On top of filtering matches based on beliefs, you can also search based on life desires, diet, future goals, and more. This makes it easy to find suitability beyond your religion.

Discover the best Christian dating sites.

While browsing profiles, you can save those you like and return to them later.

To make things easier for you, Christian Singles also has a swipe tool to allow for faster browsing.

It’s also awesome that profiles show a last-seen status. This can save you the time and effort of sending a message to a dormant profile.

For free, this spiritual dating app lets you reply to messages but not initiate a chat.

You need to upgrade to a premium membership to unlock the full communication features and connect with fellow singles. The good thing is the plans are quite personalized.

>>Join and date Christians like you

4. eHarmony – Most Balanced User Base on a Spiritual Dating Site

eharmony datingPros

  • Millions of successful connections
  • Does a personality test
  • Large active pool
  • Healthy balanced user base


  • A little expensive


  • 6 months – $69.90/m
  • 12 months – $49.90/m
  • 24 months – $39.90/m

One of the longest-standing sites, eHarmony has helped millions of people find serious relationships in its 20+-year history.

The dating app is among the first dating sites to employ specialized matching algorithms.

eHarmony will keenly take in your preference on faith and spirituality, interests, personality, and partner idea before suggesting the most befitting matches.

To make the matching even simpler for you, eHarmony shows compatibility scores, so you can know who you’re most tuned to.

A core thing that sets eHarmony apart is its intentionality on spiritual beliefs.

The platform widely weighs what you think about faith and religion, and the algorithm uses this when suggesting potential matches.

eHarmony even has tailored sections like Christian dating, Indian dating, black dating, and more that could help put you in a community with others who share the same spiritual ideas.

Overall, the online dating platform might be a little pricier than others. This said, the dating site has one of the most impressive success rates among online dating apps, making it worthwhile.

It also welcomes people of all backgrounds and even allows for gay dating to make it more inclusive.

The user base is also quite balanced. With 51% men and 49% women, eHarmony makes a good starting point for spiritual online dating.

>>Make authentic connections with a specialized algorithm

5. Soulful Match – Most Inclusive Free Spiritual Dating Site


  • Get in touch with people from various spiritual websites
  • Extensive profiles
  • Video webcam tool
  • Remarkable manual verification


  • No mobile app


  • 1 month – $22/m
  • 6 months – $66 total

Soulful Match, spiritual dating platform, is a well-established and robust spirituality dating site.

The dating service also has a user pool that’s open, positive, and quite welcoming, giving most people high reply rates.

Because it’s committed to spirituality, the singles on this platform often seek authentic connections, therefore, less risk of someone playing games with you.

You can also choose to seek a romantic partnership or even a friendship rooted in your spiritual beliefs.

Even though Soulful Match is a religion and spiritual-based site, it’s not too conservative. The dating app includes choices like “bisexual” and “asexual” to accommodate queer people as well.

You can also state the type of spiritual relationship you seek to help avoid confusion.

Along with your spiritual beliefs, other matching criteria like zodiac signs and even the 420 (weed) culture exist. Interesting, yeah?

Every profile has to upload a photo and provide a brief self-description, and the more comprehensive your profile is, the higher visibility you get in the matching pool.

The only issue is Soulful Match isn’t available as a mobile app. However, The web version looks and feels nice on the phone, allowing for on-the-go use.

The site’s premium version includes being able to send personalized messages, upload more photos and videos, and contact people from other spiritual dating sites within the network.

>>Meet like-minded and diverse people on Soulful Match

6. Green Singles – Perfect for Vegans


  • Global user base
  • Niche nature dating site
  • Completely free messaging
  • Beautiful interface


  • No app
  • All profiles are public


  • 1 month – $23/m
  • 3 months – $14/m
  • 6 months – $12/m

Spiritual but also care about vegetation and animals?

Green Singles is a dating app of its own kind, connecting people based on spirituality and their love for preservation.

The online dating site strongly emphasizes animal rights, veganism, sustainable living, and environmentalism.

However, its mindfulness and spirituality remain the same.

When joining the site, you can also say your religious preferences to find someone who believes in what you believe in.

Better still, joining Green Singles is a simple process. You’ll only need to provide your email, username, gender, and sexual preferences.

The dating website also has an “About You” section, where you’ll answer questions on your personal life like politics, religion, dietary habits, etc. This will help people know you better and lead you to a like-minded match.

Again, Green Singles is an international dating app; thus, you can match with people from diverse countries.

To smoothen your international dating experiences, a video webcam can help you have immersive conversations on live video.

Only all profiles here are public, and there are no private browsing features. However, that’s not much of a dealbreaker.

When it comes to communication, opting for the Premium version offers better features. It includes the ability to upload media to your profile, unlimited texting, and also inter-country matching.

>>Meet other vegans and environmentalists on this dating app

7. dharmaMatch – Ideal for Eastern Spirituality


  • Users can report spam profiles
  • Regional searches available
  • Easily block and report spams


  • No photo verification
  • New-ish site


  • 1 month – $19.99/m
  • 3 months – $16.99/m
  • 6 months – $12.99/m

dharmaMatch is inspired by the famed principles of dharma and karma. It stands out as the longest-running platform of its kind.

The platform serves as a welcoming space for individuals to freely express their beliefs as Buddhists, Hindus, Yogis, or anyone interested in Eastern spirituality notions.

While the interpretation of dharma may differ among Eastern traditions, the site’s creators define it as striving to be your best self every day, aligning closely with its meaning in Hinduism.

If you are seeking compatible matches, this spiritual dating site helps match you to people who also want to positively impact the world.

The site’s positive theme reflects in its member policies, including a transparent refund policy, enhanced data safety measures, and respecting user feedback.

You can also donate proceeds to charity programs through the site.

On the downside, dharmaMatch doesn’t review uploaded photos. However, they take reports quite seriously, so if you encounter a fake profile, don’t be afraid to block and report it.

Free site users can create profiles, upload photos, browse profiles, and text other singles.

Gold members, on the other hand, can access all site features, including initiating contact with new members, and enjoy expanded functionality to enhance your dating experience.

>>Start a relationship based on Eastern spirituality

How to Meet a Spiritual Partner

Meeting a spiritual partner is a unique personal journey. Here are suggestions to help you in your search:

Online Spiritual Dating Sites

Join online dating platforms that specifically cater to spiritual individuals. These sites provide an opportunity to connect with others who share similar spiritual beliefs and values.

Explore Spiritual Communities

Engage in activities and events within spiritual communities, such as meditation groups, yoga classes, workshops, or retreats. These environments attract like-minded individuals who are actively seeking spiritual growth and spiritual connection.

Attend Spiritual Workshops and Seminars

Participate in spiritual workshops, seminars, or conferences where you can meet like-minded individuals and engage in discussions about spirituality and personal growth.

Social Media and Online Forums

Join online forums, groups, or social media communities focused on spirituality. Engage in conversations, share insights, and connect with others who resonate with your spiritual interests.

Volunteer and Community Service

Get involved in volunteer work or community service projects aligned with your spiritual values. This can create opportunities to meet individuals who are passionate about making a positive difference in the world.

Personal Growth and Wellness Events

Attend personal development and spiritual events, such as mindfulness retreats, holistic health fairs, or conscious living expos. These gatherings often attract individuals who are on a spiritual path and open to meaningful connections.

Practice Self-Reflection and Self-Development

Cultivate your spiritual growth and self-awareness. When you are aligned with your spiritual journey, you are more likely to attract a partner who resonates with your energy and values.

Remember, meeting spiritual singles is a process that requires patience, openness, and genuine connection. Stay true to yourself, be open to new experiences, and trust that the right spiritual person will come into your life when the timing is right.

Essentials of Spiritual Dating – Guide

online spiritual datingThere are no rigid rules or expectations in spiritual dating. It’s all about staying true to yourself, being aware of the other person, and flowing with the experience.

These principles can help you have the best time with spiritual dating sites:

Embrace Honesty

Don’t sacrifice your beliefs to make others comfortable.

When dating online, you need to be totally honest. Don’t compromise your truth or that of your date. Speak from your heart and stay true to yourself, and you’ll easily find the spiritual relationship you want.

Be Present and Open

When you are fully immersed in the moment, you become open to the possibility of meeting someone special.

Stay aware and attentive, enjoying each date or spiritual connection regardless of whether it leads to a romantic connection.

Experiment and Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Yes, you might have a “type” but sometimes, the best things for us happen outside what we are used to.

Embrace the uniqueness of each individual and forge meaningful connections by savoring and appreciating their true selves. You never know, they might be your next soulmate.

Be Authentic

Be true to who you are.

Drop your guard and shed the need to put on a facade. Be your genuine self, just as you would with your closest friends.

By being real, relaxed, and honest from the start, you create an environment where others feel comfortable doing the same. Don’t worry about immediate compatibility; simply get to know each other and have fun.

Remember authentic energy attracts authentic energy.

Cultivate Active Listening

Active listening is vital during a date.

Focus genuinely and listen to your date or online connection before chiming in.

Allow them to share without interruption and take a moment to get what they’re telling you.

Go With the Flow

Disconnect from overthinking and go with the motion.

Release any expectations of how things should be and embrace what comes.

Instead of staying on guard, let your thoughts flow, and your authenticity shine through.

Spiritual dating is a delightful journey. When you apply these principles, you will get successful results.

Spiritual Dating Sites – FAQs

What Are the Best Spiritual Dating Sites?

The best spiritual dating sites are:

These spirituality dating sites prioritize matching you to other users who share the same spiritual values and beliefs as you.

They also include wide search filters to make it easy for you to find someone who suits your dreams and goals truly.

Is There a Version of Tinder for Spiritual People?

Yes, there is a version of Tinder for spiritual people.

Christian Dating is one app that’s like Tinder. The site has a swipe feature that helps you browse through many profiles easily and faster.

You can also filter your distance preference and even match with people in other countries as well.

Other spiritual dating closely resembling Tinder include Spiritual Singles and eHarmony.

Is There a Free Dating Site for Spiritual People?

Yeah, there is a free dating site for spiritual people.

Green Singles is one free dating site for spirituality enthusiasts. The site allows for free sign up and unlike other dating sites messaging is totally free. This means you can widely use the site without upgrading your membership.

What Are the Best Spiritual Dating Sites for Those Over 40?

The best spiritual dating sites for those over 40 are:

These dating sites have large user bases of people aged 35+. Since most people on these sites are mature and goal-oriented, it is easier to talk to have sincere communication and find people that are ready for meaningful relationships.

Conclusion – Spiritual Dating Sites

spiritual dating appsThere are a number of dating sites today. However, when it comes to spirituality, very few come close to the standards of the spiritual dating sites we’ve reviewed above.

Spiritual dating apps like Spiritual Singles, eHarmony, and Christian Mingle offer tailored dating experiences, are safe, and have soaring success rates.

Our list has guided you in discovering the ideal spirituality dating sites, bringing you closer to meeting your soul mate and establishing a deep spiritual connection.

Make sure to be true to yourself, be honest, and you’ll find what you deserve.

Go on and thrive!


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