• 7 Sultry Sex Toys You Can Buy In Time For Valentine’s Day

    So, Valentine’s Day is approaching and you’re running out of time to purchase a gift for your significant other.

    Fear not!

    Here we present 7 sex toys that make amazing gifts for female, male, and non-binary partners! Whatever you’re working with, we can help.

    ALL OF THESE TOYS can be delivered in as little as 1 working day, and most have FREE shipping if you can wait 4-6 days.

    There’s even discreet packaging and billing too! God knows you don’t want “8-inch Vibrating Penis Machine” on your next credit card bill if you can avoid it.

    Believe me.

    So without further ado, here are 7 sex toys you can still order in time for Valentine’s Day!

    1. Fifty Shades Of Grey “Greedy Girl” Rabbit Vibrator – Great for Blended Orgasms

    • FREE 4-6 day shipping
    • 1-4 day shipping options (extra charges)
    • Price $99.99

    Inspired by the films and books that revved the engines of housewives across the land, the Fifty Shades Of Grey “Greedy Girl” Rabbit Vibrator is the perfect dual-stimulation vibrator for women who want to ramp up their orgasm to the next level.

    Rabbit vibrators massage both the internal G-spot and the clitoris at the same time, leading to a phenomenon known as a “blended orgasm” that can be quite literally bed-shaking. 

    With 36 possible vibration patterns and a soft satin bag for gifting, this is the perfect gift to buy a partner if you want to buy them a vibrator but you’re not sure where to start.

    While the large size might be too big for some, many find that the imposing inches make them moan in submissive joy. Even if the size intimidates you, you can always use it on your external clitoris for intense pleasure.

    You don’t know until you try!

    So while you might assume that sex toy merch based on a (quite bad) movie would be low-quality, this is actually one of the all-time bestselling sex toys on LoveHoney. Go figure.

    2. TENGA Flip Zero Luxury Male Masturbator – Best Penis Stroker

    TENGA Flip Zero Luxury Male Masturbator

    • FREE 4-6 day shipping
    • 1-4 day shipping options (extra charges)
    • Price $109.99

    Have you ever had a sex toy suck on your penis? Have you ever wanted a sex toy that doesn’t really look like a sex toy at all? Then TENGA is the company for you. 

    The forward-thinking Japanese sex toy company is famous for making men’s sex toys that have a unique and futuristic look, earning them the nickname “the Apple of the sex toy industry”.

    This unique penis masturbator sleeve is 6 inches in internal length and has multiple nubs and bumps on the inside that brush past the head of the penis for intense toe-curling quivers. 

    The TENGA Flip Zero also has manual pressure pads that make the toy “suck” on your penis for a BJ-like experience.

    It’s a unique feeling!

    Though the price may be a little high for some, the unique and interesting male sex toy is easy to clean because it opens up fully – you simply rinse it under the sink with mild soap and water. 

    We love easy cleanup, no matter the toy.

    3. LoveHoney Luxury Rechargeable Wand Vibrator – Large and In Charge

    LoveHoney Massager Wand

    • FREE 4-6 day shipping
    • 1-4 day shipping options (extra charges)
    • Price $79.99

    Bright pink and 10 inches long, the LoveHoney Rechargeable Wand Vibrator is a huge sex toy that can be used to massage the clitoris, penis, nipples, and basically any external part of your body.

    Go wild!

    With 12 vibration modes and 5 different intensity levels, this sex toy gives you tons of vibration options to play with. On top of that, it’s 100% waterproof, so you can take it into your shower or bubble bath if you want to get really filthy.

    USB rechargeable with a 90-minute battery life, there isn’t a whole lot to complain about with this large wand vibrator. If we’re going to nitpick… it could be a bit quieter. But honestly, who cares? Turn the music up and drown it out.

    You’ll be screaming in joy anyway.

    4. LoveHoney “Wild Weekend” 11-Piece Sex Toy Kit For Couples – Try Everything!

    lovehoney wild weekend

    • $9.99 for 4-6 day shipping (FREE if you spend $5 more)
    • 1-4 day shipping options (extra charges)
    • Price $44.99

    If you and your partner are looking for a wild and sexy night but you’re not sure where to start, then the LoveHoney “Wild Weekend” Kit is for you. 

    The ethos here is “everything but the kitchen sink”… or perhaps “everything but the kitchen cock ring” is more fitting.

    Are you ready to list off everything in this kit? Take a deep breath.

    In this kit you’ll find a rabbit vibrator, G spot vibrator, multiple cock rings, ben wa balls, a vibrating love egg, anal beads, a butt plug, a vibrating cock ring, and a penis stroker. All of this is available in purple or black – whatever color you prefer.

    Designed to heighten the experience of both sex and solo play, this kit is perfect for sex toy beginners who don’t know where to start and want to try a bit of everything.

    The only downside? You need to buy 6 AA batteries separately. 

    But you know, I’m sure you’ll survive.

    5. Fleshlight “Flight Pilot” Male Masturbator – 6.5 Inches of Bliss

    fleshlight pilot

    • FREE 4-6 day shipping
    • 1-4 day shipping options (extra charges)
    • Price $59.99

    Designed for penis pumping, the Fleshlight “Flight Pilot” has a cool, masculine, almost carbon fiber-esque design. It looks like it should be sat on an ultra-modern car dashboard somewhere… a car owned by a cool guy.

    But I digress.

    6 inches long with a tight 0.5-inch hole, this penis stroker fits most penis sizes and features a bumpy internal texture, making every inch of your penis quiver in pleasure as chills run down your spine.

    As with most Fleshlight products, the base of this sex toy can be twisted and removed entirely, altering the suction that the toy uses on your penis and also making cleanup relatively easy.

    Cool, classy, and discreet.

    One downside is that the case can get a little slippy when you’ve got lube on your hands, so just keep an eye out for that and you’ll be fine. You can’t win ‘em all.

    So, load up the best Onlyfans models, get a little water-based lube, and enjoy a wonderful evening.

    6. Lovense Lush 3 – App-Controlled Egg Vibrator For Public Or Long-Distance Fun

    lovense lush 3

    • FREE 4-6 day shipping
    • 1-4 day shipping options (extra charges)
    • Price $139.99

    Used by camgirls and long-distance couples all over the world, the Lovense Lush 3 is a G-spot vibrator egg that features a smaller tail for external clitoral vibrations.

    Fully waterproof with magnetic USB charging, this thing has a battery life of 5 HOURS, and cleaning it is as easy as throwing it in the sink with soap and water.

    Such convenience!

    The Lush 3 actually connects to the “Lovense Remote” app on both iOS and Android phones, allowing you or a partner to control the vibrations of the toy with just a few flicks on a smartphone screen.

    With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, your partner could control your squirming from the same room or from another country entirely – great for business trips and long-distance relationships.

    The app allows you to create unlimited vibrations patterns, save your favorites, and even download other peoples’ created vibration settings to try yourself. 

    ON TOP OF THAT the Lush 3 can also sync to Spotify and sounds in your environment and can be used by cam models to vibrate when big tips come in on the best cam sites.

    If I had to give you a downside – it’s expensive. But like… you can see why.

    7. NJoy Pure Wand Steel Dildo – Intense Orgasms For Both G-Spots & Prostates!

    njoy purewand

    • FREE 4-6 day shipping
    • 1-4 day shipping options (extra charges)
    • Price $149.99

    Okay, I know this toy looks a little scary, but stay with me.

    Designed for both G-spot and P-spot (prostate) massage, this toy can be used by almost anyone. It’s made from high-grade stainless steel, which is super hygienic and means you can use ANY type of lube with it – silicone-based, water-based, or oil-based.

    Try coconut oil, it smells great!

    There are 2 bulbous ends – 1 on each side of this dildo. The idea is that you can start with the smaller end and then flip around and use the bigger end if you’re feeling brave enough. You don’t want to jump in at the deep end with this toy!

    Another plus of this 100% stainless steel toy is the fact that it’s great for temperature play! This means that the toy can be placed in a bowl of warm/cool water and heated up or cooled down to a temperature you like before play.

    Something about cold metal sliding into your body just hits different.

    That said, the NJoy Pure Wand is NOT for beginners and it’s extremely heavy for a sex toy, so just make sure you know what you’re doing before buying this for you or your partner!


    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we hope you can find something on this list that you and your partner will enjoy, whether you’re playing solo, long-distance, or together in the same bedroom.

    From Fifty Shades to Fleshlights, we’ve given you a little bit of everything in this list. So whether you’re playing it safe or trying something new this Valentine’s Day, we’re sure that you and your partner have a great time.

    Happy Valentine’s! Don’t forget the lube.

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