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8 Best Sex Gummies for Women That Actually Work for Libido & Sex Drive in 2024

Nowadays, CBD and THC are present everywhere: in your favorite hand cream and perhaps even in your bedroom. Maybe you have heard of using CBD oil and lubes to improve intimate encounters, but why not try a gummy form instead?

Our list of the eight best sex gummies for women has got you covered if you are interested in trying out the best edibles for female arousal.

According to our research and customer feedback, the best product is Libido Gummies for Her by FOCL. Still, the remaining seven products should also appear on your radar if you are looking for the best gummies for women sex.

Without further ado, let’s explore the best gummies for female arousal!

Best Sex Gummies for Women – First Look

Looking for the best sex gummies for women to feel more energized and experience boosted libido? Our guide to the best gummies for women sex, with eight impressive products for female arousal, has all the answers you are looking for, so make sure you stick around.

1. Libido Gummies for Her – Best Overall

Sex Gummies For Women_INT02


  • Promotes feminine vitality
  • Balance your sexual hormones
  • Green tea and pine bark extracts
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Not many customer reviews


Looking for the best product to boost your libido? If this is the case, look no further than FOCL’s Libido Gummies for Her.

This is one of the most unique products on the market. It comes with a powerful herbal blend dominated by green tea and pine bark extracts, both known for boosting sexual desire when taken in appropriate dosages.


They can help boost your libido by delivering feelings of body and mind relaxation, definitely something you are looking for before your sexual encounters. They also promote overall female vitality and better hormonal balance.


One of the best cannabis edibles for sexual function, with its perfect blend of herbal aphrodisiacs, will make you feel the difference with a unique strawberry-based flavor.

The best of this kind usually come in fruity flavors, and this FOCL’s product is one of the tastiest, according to females who have tried it.


Regarding pricing, FOCL’s Libido Gummies for Her are slightly more expensive than similar products on the market.

However, this is nothing unusual, considering the company made a perfect herbal blend that acts as a natural aphrodisiac.

At the same time, you can get the product 30% off if you become one of many FOCL’s subscribers.


The market is loaded with gummies of various kinds, but FOCL’s Libido Gummies for Her is a different blend of herbs and other natural ingredients that, when combined, promote female vitality, better hormonal balance, and boosted sex drive. Join the company’s newsletter and get the product at a discounted price.

>>Check the best price for Libido Gummies for Her by FOCL

2. Delta 9 Gummies – Great for Sexual Relaxation

Sex Gummies For Women_INT03


  • 5mg of CBD with Delta 9 THC
  • Melon and Guava flavors
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Fast-acting gummies


  • Only a few customer reviews


The next product on our list is FAB CBD’s Delta 9 Gummies. We wanted to include at least one product with Delta 9 due to its relaxation properties. They include 5mg of CBD coupled with premium-grade Delta 9 THC.


One of the best gummies for female arousal and sexual relaxation, delivers profound feelings of both body and mind relaxation, which you want before engaging in intimate encounters.

Even the lower doses of this premium FAB CBD product are associated with body and mind calmness, according to females who purchased the product.


You can get these premium CBD gummies for sex in two delicious flavors: Melon and Guava.

According to customer feedback, most females are fonder of the Melon option due to its sweet and fruity aroma. However, you can also try the other flavor option if you want something spicier.


They come with a slightly higher price tag, but the higher price tag is usually associated with high-quality products, so this is something expected.

If the regular price is out of reach for you, the company offers you an option to pay for it via Sezzle in four interest-free payments.


With an appropriate dosage of CBD and Delta 9 THC, the best product promoting sexual relaxation remains one of the best products on the market.

However, if you are new to CBD and THC-based products, proceed with caution, as this specific product is of higher potency.

>>Check the best price for Delta 9 Gummies by FAB CBD

3. Multivitamin CBD Gummies for Men & Women – Improve Sex Energy

Sex Gummies For Women_INT04


  • Numerous satisfied female customers
  • 50mg of CBD in each serving
  • Packed with a variety of vitamins
  • Gluten free & vegan-friendly


  • Often times out of stock


While looking for the best sex gummies for women, we have encountered many products that could promote more incredible sex energy, but the ultimate winner in this specific category is CBDfx’s Multivitamin CBD Gummies for Men & Women.

The best gluten free libido gummies promoting greater energy boost feature 50mg of premium CBD alongside a variety of vitamins.


One of the best edibles for female arousal and sex energy on the market contains Zinc, Calcium, B Complex, and vitamins D3, E, C, and A. As expected, the effects are increased energy levels.

Females who used the product also reported greater energy levels hours after a single dose.


They have a  distinct fruity flavor with a touch of sourness. While not everyone may enjoy the aroma, most females seem not to mind the sour aftertaste these gummies leave.

The fruity flavor is yet another highlight of one of the best edibles for female arousal and more incredible sex energy.


One of the best gummies for women sex on the market comes with a higher price tag, which is well warranted given that the product is packed with vitamins and other premium quality mon gmo ingredients.

Thankfully, CBDfx reviews note that the company behind this product gives subscribers 25% off to make sure the product is affordable for everyone.


If you are looking for the best product to help you extend your sexual encounters by boosting your energy level, the best product on the market is CBDfx’s Multivitamin CBD Gummies for Men & Women.

Packed with energy-boosting vitamins, these gummies should appear on your radar.

>>Check the best price for Multivitamin CBD Gummies for Men & Women by CBDfx

4. Full Spectrum CBD Gummies – Best Flavored Sex Gummies for Women

Sex Gummies For Women_INT05


  • Over 6100 customer reviews
  • Delicious watermelon flavor
  • 30 gummies in each package
  • Vegan-friendly product


  • It contains THC


The following product on our list of the best sex gummies is Cornbread Hemp’s Full Spectrum CBD Gummies.

When compared to other products on our list, this is the best option for females looking for a flavorful taste. The best flavored gummies for women sex come in three potencies; 300/750/1500mg of CBD.


Full Spectrum CBD Gummies provide you with just the proper amount of energy to prolong late-night sexual interactions, according to customer reviews and over 6,000 verified customers who shared their experiences on the product website.

Customers claim they also relive pain, tension and anxiety.


Cornbread Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Gummies are the best-flavored option for a good reason. These gummies for women sex come in three incredible flavors, and our favorite is refreshing Watermelon.

According to customer reviews, females also enjoy the two other flavors, Peach and Berry.


Although the price may be reduced, you get an excellent value for your money with these gummies for women sex.

The product is unrivaled in quality and solely contains organically grown ingredients. At the same time, you are entitled to a 15% discount if this is your first time purchasing from Cornbread Hemp.


Looking for the best edibles for females that taste great. If so, we believe Cornbread Hemp’s Full Spectrum CBD Gummies will exceed your expectations.

If you decide to get these gummies for women sex, we recommend you first try out the fantastic Watermelon flavor.

>>Check the best price for Full Spectrum CBD Gummies by Cornbread Hemp

5. True Full Spectrum™ Original CBD Gummies – Budget-Friendly Option

Sex Gummies For Women_INT06


  • Promotes feelings of relaxation
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers
  • Available at a discounted price
  • 25mg of CBD


  • Some customers report milder effects


While searching for the best sex gummies for females, we have encountered several products with a higher price tag.

Still, we wanted to include at least one more affordable option, and we settled on True Spectrum Original CBD Gummies by MedTerra.

While the price tag is below the average, the potency is right there, with 25mg of CBD in each package.


The best affordable gummies for women sex contains full spectrum hemp extract (30mg) with 3 mg of minor cannabinoids and 25mg of CBD. The product also contains less than 2mg of THC.

True Full SpectrumTM Original CBD Gummies by MedTerra provide powerful, longer-lasting effects, and improve mood and deep body relaxation.


They are available in a citrus flavor. Unfortunately, you do not have the option to choose between different flavors.

While these gummies for women sex come with a strong citrus taste and aroma, most females appear not to have an issue with a powerful aftertaste.


MedTerra True Full SpectrumTM Original CBD Gummies are the best affordable option for a good reason. The product’s regular price is below the average, and the company offers subscribers special discount deals.


The best edibles for females by MedTerra come with a very reasonable price tag, but this is not the only reason this product appears on our list of the best gummies for women sex.

MedTerra has ensured that the product is potent enough to offer powerful and longer-lasting effects, and females who prefer a spicier aroma are guaranteed a wonderful time.

>>Check the best price for True Full Spectrum™ Original CBD Gummies by MedTerra.

6. CBD Broad Spectrum Gummies – Most Potent Option

Sex Gummies For Women_INT07


  • Up to 6,000mg of CBD in a package
  • Choose between two strength options
  • Subscribers save 25% on all orders
  • Made with organic juices


  • More suitable for experienced CBD users


The next product on our list of the best gummies for females is cbdMD’s CBD Broad Spectrum Gummies.

We wanted our list of the best gummies for women sex to include at least one product suitable for more seasoned CBD users, and this cbdMD’s product with up to 6,000mg of CBD made the final cut.


The gummies by cbdMD are marketed toward more experienced cannabis users and thrill seekers looking to perform admirably in all situations.

In terms of effects, these gummies for women sex will probably make you feel super energetic. Some females who used the product also reported feeling relaxed.


You can get one of the best gummies for females in the Tropical Mix flavor, which combines various berry aromas in a single box.

Many consumers find this ineffective because they often prefer to purchase a package without mixed flavors.

If you do not mind diverse flavors, you will enjoy all the fruity aromas of these gummies for women sex.


These highly-potent gummies are more expensive compared to other gummies for women sex featured here.

Also, remember that this product is intended for more seasoned CBD users due to a higher dosage of CBD and other cannabinoids.


These gummies offer potent and longer-lasting effects, precisely what you need if you feel more adventurous.

cbdMD offers 20% off to all new customers so that you can grab one of the best gummies for women sex at a significantly discounted price.

>>Check the best price for CBD Broad Spectrum Gummies by cbdMD

7. CBD Gummies 25MG CBD | 5MG THC – Best for Thrill-Seekers

Sex Gummies For Women_INT08


  • Highly potent formula for adventurous spirits
  • 5mg of THC & 25mg of CBD in a package
  • Subscribers save 25%
  • Delicious Dragon Fruit flavor


  • This product causes psychotropic effects


Now, we get to one of the most exciting products on our list of the best sex gummies for women. We are talking about PlusCBD’s CBD Gummies 25MG CBD | 5MG THC.

These gummies for women sex come with just the right amount of CBD and THC to turn your intimate encounter into a real adventure. If you consider yourself a thrill-seeker, the product is for you.


They have a CBD-to-THC ratio of 5:1, which balances the two substances’ respective effects.

If CBD products containing THC are acceptable to you, CBD Gummies 25MG CBD | 5MG THC has a more potent formula producing longer-lasting relaxation and euphoria effects.


Dragon Fruit is the taste of one of the best gummies for women sex marketed for more adventurous females.

One of the best sex edibles for female arousal gives you a pleasant taste of summer, as some customers claim. If you prefer fruity gummies over those with a citrus flavor, this product does not disappoint.


Compared to other products on our list of the best gummies for females, PlusCBD’s product is in the upper price range. Still, you get an excellent, premium quality, potent blend with powerful cannabinoids.


One of the best gummies available at PlusCBD makes an excellent product for all females looking forward to spicing things up during their intimate encounters.

The product’s regular price is higher, but you can get it at a discounted price if you join PlusCBD’s list of subscribed customers.

>>Check the best price for CBD Gummies 25MG CBD | 5MG THC by PlusCBD

8. Chill CBD Gummies Lemon Berry – Best for Sexual Performance

Sex Gummies For Women_INT09


  • Reasonable price tag
  • Delicious Lemon Berry flavor
  • Potent plant-based formula
  • US-sourced organic hemp extract


  • Limited number of customer reviews


The last product on our list is Social CBD’s Chill CBD Gummies Lemon Berry. The best sex gummies for women for sexual performance make an excellent choice if you want a high-quality product to boost your sexual performance.

The product comes with 25mg of CBD from organic hemp extract and contains no traces of THC.


These gummies produce powerful relaxation effects [6], according to females who purchased and enjoyed the product.

Several females who bought these gummies also reported these gummies have helped them sleep better at night —yet another reason to give them a go.


If you decide to get these sex gummies for women, we recommend you pick our favorite flavor, Chill Lemon Berry. 

This option is primarily fruity with a spicy hint of lemon, the best combination if you ask us. The other option is Blackberry, yet another classic aimed at females who like it to play safe with standard fruity flavors.


These sex gummies for women on the market by Social CBD has a relatively affordable price tag. Essentially, even if you have a smaller budget to shop with, you can get the productl from Social CBD. They are often available at a discounted price.


Looking for the best edibles for female arousal to enjoy a better sexual performance? Social CBD and its Chill CBD Gummies Lemon Berry are the best options with their perfect CBD blend.

The company uses only natural, organic ingredients, so you can rest assured you are getting the best sex gummies for women designed to offer longer-lasting effects.

>>Check the best price for Chill CBD Gummies Lemon Berry by Social CBD

Cannabis & Sex: Can Weed Make Sex Better?

Cannabis has been shown to stimulate sexual desire and can heighten sexual arousal [1], and this is why most of the best edibles for female arousal contain THC.

Several studies conducted on the impact of weed strains on sexual satisfaction and functioning have also shown that cannabinoids, especially CBD and THC, are associated with increased female libido [2].

This is not everything, as sex gummies for women with a higher dosage of cannabinoids, primarily THC and CBD, are also associated with improved overall sexual health and wellness, according to several studies conducted in the last several years [3]. In conclusion, weed can make sex better if you get the right product at the right dosage.

Why Does CBD Make You Hornier?

According to several studies, CBD is believed to interact with different parts of the brain, which are closely associated with arousal [4]. With this being said, the best sex gummies for women with an adequate ratio of CBD and THC can help females struggling with lower arousal.

Several studies have also concluded that CBD and THC could help females balance their sexual hormone levels.

As a result, this increases overall sex drive. This should not come as a surprise, considering we know for a fact that CBD and other cannabinoids impact the way the endocannabinoid system [5] functions to maintain overall homeostasis.

CBD & Sexual Effectiveness

Below, we look at the main factors impacting overall sexual effectiveness and how the best sex THC gummies for women with the correct dosage of THC and CBD can help you improve your sexual health and wellness.

Sexual Anxiety

One of the most significant factors affecting sexual effectiveness is sexual anxiety, and this is where the best sex gummies for women can perform like magic.

With most sex edibles for women, you can expect feelings and deep body and mind relaxation, which means reducing anxiety. With less anxiety, you will have a better time during intercourse.

Low Sex Drive

Even though you may not think about this too often, many females struggle with low sex drive due to factors such as hormonal imbalance or the use of certain medications.

Whatever the season, sex gummies for women have the correct dosage of cannabinoids to increase sex drive and intimacy, one less problem negatively affecting sexual effectiveness.

Poor Lubrication

Vaginal dryness is one of the main factors causing painful sex, and vaginal dryness results from poor lubrication. Different factors cause inadequate lubrication, such as hormonal issues or environmental irritants.

Either way, cannabinoids may offer an effective natural aid for insufficient lubrication, such as sex gummies for women, increasing sexual effectiveness.

Sexual Dysfunction (ED)

Sexual dysfunction can happen to everyone, even younger males in their 20s and 30s, and this is nothing to be ashamed of, but it is something negatively affecting sexual effectiveness.

While more research is necessary, a few studies concluded that cannabinoids can effectively treat sexual dysfunction.

>>Check the best price for Libido Gummies for Her by FOCL

Benefits of Using Cannabis for Sex

Now, we get to the main benefits of using marijuana and CBD for sex. The benefits of sex gummies for women with THC and CBD listed below are those usually reported by female customers and supported by acclaimed studies.

Feel Stress-Free

As we briefly discussed in one of the previous sections, anxiety is one of the most significant factors that negatively impact sexual effectiveness in various ways.

This is where sex gummies for women can help, leading to feeling less anxious and stressed. In addition, many studies have shown that less-stressed people enjoy better sex.

Less Chronic Pain

One of the main reasons behind painful sex in females is lack of lubrication. Painful sex is also associated with chronic pains. If you struggle with chronic pain and mental fatigue of any origin, you cannot enjoy intimate moments to the fullest.

Sex gummies for women with a higher dosage of cannabinoids can alleviate symptoms related to chronic pains and increase sexual desire.

Better Blood Flow

Blood flow is essential for the body to function correctly during sexual acts. Your heartbeat quickens, and the blood rush in the blood vessels stimulates endogenous zones. Adequate blood flow is critical for the genitalia to function.

Cannabinoids are frequently linked [6] to increased blood flow to various bodily regions, and sex gummies for women can help improve your blood flow and increase libido.

Heightened Feelings

Although CBD has no psychoactive effects, it may improve sexual experience by altering how our bodies register physical sensations.

Several studies have shown that CBD can activate the brain’s right temporal cortex [5], which is responsible for processing sound and guaranteeing increased sexual desire.

Sex Drive Boost

The nervous system and hormones, which act as chemical messengers in your blood to send signals to different body parts, regulate your female libido or sexual desire.

Many users claim that sex gummies for women help them enjoy a better sex drive [2], something you want if you are looking to have a better time during intimate intercourse.

Better Hormonal Balance

Sex gummies for women, including the products discussed in the previous sections, are associated with many potential sexual health benefits, including better hormonal balance [1].

Libido is usually lower in females struggling with hormonal balance, so it makes sense to try natural cannabinoids to increase the female libido.

>>Check the best price for Libido Gummies for Her by FOCL

Best Cannabis Strains for Female Arousal

Since you have gone through top sex gummies for women, you have probably noticed that none of the products share the same ratio of cannabinoids. In addition, some sex gummies for women we discussed do not contain THC, while others have a higher dose.

The main question is, what is the best option for female arousal, THC or CBD-dominant products? Keep reading to find out more.

THC Dominant

The market is loaded with sex gummies for women, many of which are marketed as THC-dominant. This is a readily available option that produces high effects.

THC-dominant sex gummies for women will make you high and most likely cause euphoric effects. This being said, THC gummies are better if you want to feel more energetic and adventurous.

For more balanced effects ranging from euphoria and minor high to relaxation, you can get more balanced sex gummies for women with an appropriate ratio of CBD and THC.

CBD Dominant

Many sex gummies for women available on the market are CBD-dominant. Unlike THC, CBD-dominant products, including gummies promoting better sexual health and wellness, do not cause a high effect.

Instead, these products have more profound therapeutic effects, which promote overall body and mind relaxation.

Essentially, sex gummies for women that are only CBD or CBD-dominant will help you relax and chill out. If you are struggling with anxiety or your body and mind are super tense, CBD-dominant sex gummies are a better option.

What’s the Best: Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Generally speaking, Indica strains are considered more calming and tend to have more physically oriented effects, such as body and mind calmness and relaxation. Sativa strains usually produce more energetic and profound cerebral effects.

Based on the parent plants, hybrids and their specific effects can fall anywhere between sativa and indica-based strains. Essentially, we cannot answer the best strain since it depends on various factors, including your preferences, sexual activity, and the effects you are looking for.

As a general rule, opt for indica strains if you want to feel more relaxed, Sativa strains if you want to boost your energy levels, and hybrids if you feel adventurous and want to try out something different. Either way, do your research before you pick any of the options so that you know what kind of effects to expect.

Risks & Side Effects

Like all other products on the market, sex gummies for women carry certain risks and can cause specific side effects you should familiarize yourself with. Most females who use sex gummies for women report dry mouth and dry eyes as one of the main side effects.

Consumers of sex gummies for women may also experience other side effects, especially when taking CBD and THC-based products more than recommended, such as nausea, dizziness, changes in mood, and changes in appetite.

You also want to be extra careful with these types of products if you are taking medications for high blood pressure and similar. Before you start consuming THC and CBD gummies of any kind, consult with your healthcare provider, and of course, make sure you understand the risks and potential side effects associated with these products.

>>Check the best price for Libido Gummies for Her by FOCL

Buying the Best Edibles for Female Arousal: Factors to Consider

If you are not sure which factors to consider when looking to buy THC edibles for women, make sure you go through our buying guide down below.

Know the Strain

Before you go shopping, you want to do your research on different strains and types of products available. Certain strains and types may work better for you depending on the effects you are looking forward to experiencing.


You should pay special attention to the top-quality CBD and THC products that contain organically sourced ingredients. Whichever product you are thinking about getting, checking the list of all ingredients, including the content of THC and CBD, is a must.

Production Procedure

Another essential factor to consider while shopping for sex edibles is the overall production procedure. There are hundreds of products of this kind on the market, but only the best companies rely on strict manufacturing policies and practices.

Know About the Types

You also want to research different types of gummies available on the market. As we discussed above, you can get CBD or THC-dominant gummies, and depending on what you are looking for, one of these options is a better fit.


The official websites of the most reliable brands in the industry make their third-party lab test results available. The top-ranked sex gummies for women have undergone a comprehensive inspection by reputable labs, and the potency and quality certifications are displayed.

Customer Reviews

It is also essential to read customer reviews for the goods you are considering purchasing. You learn more about the product’s potency, flavor, and effectiveness as you read user reviews. This provides you with a clearer understanding of what to anticipate.


Below, we examine some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the best THC edibles for arousal.

What Edibles Make You Feel Euphoric?

THC-dominant edibles will make you feel more euphoric. Opt for gummies with CBD and no THC if you want more therapeutic effects, such as body and mind relaxation.

Can Edibles Make You Last Longer in Bed?

While more research is necessary in this area, many consumers of CBD and THC edibles claim these products help them last longer in bed by increasing their energy levels and promoting better blood flow to crucial parts.

Do Sex Gummies Work for Women?

For some women, gummies with THC and CBD in higher dosages can boost libido, stamina, and overall sexual wellness and health, so they are worth a shot.

Are There Gummies for Sex Drive?

Yes, you will find many sex drive gummies for women on the market, but according to our search, the winner in this category is FOCL’s Libido Gummies for Her.

What Supplements Help a Woman Climax?

Studies have shown that combining Zinc, vitamin B, and L-arginine can help most women rediscover their desire for sex [7].

To help induce orgasms, combining these supplements with different stress-relieving methods and a high-quality lubricant is crucial.

How Do Edibles Work?

When THC or CBD is consumed in edible form, the cannabinoids pass through your stomach and liver before reaching your bloodstream and brain. Depending on your tolerance level and the dosage taken, the effects are usually felt within 30 to 60 minutes.

Does CBD Work the Same as Viagra?

There is no evidence that CBD functions similarly to Viagra. However, research suggests high-quality CBD can, as we previously discussed, increase blood flow to all the various regions of the body, and improve your sex life,so it cannot hurt to try.

What Are the Best Edibles for Female Arousal?

The best cannabis edibles for sexual function are Libido Gummies for Her by FOCL. With an excellent blend of CBD with other effective ingredients like fenugreek, these gummies have helped hundreds of female customers.

What Does Cannabis Edible Do to You?

When ingested, cannabinoids in the form of gummies and other edibles impact both your body and psyche.

Unlike CBD, which causes more relaxing effects, cannabis plant is more stimulating, producing euphoric and uplifting effects.

What Are the Best Edibles for Female Arousal? Our Verdict

Our top choice among sex gummies for women is Libido Gummies for Her by FOCL because of the product’s exceptional quality and power in enhancing general sexual health, sexual experiences, and well-being.

If you are looking for something to improve your sex drive, FOCL’s Libido Gummies for Her are a perfect choice since they come with a perfect herbal blend of natural aphrodisiacs.

The best sex gummies for women we covered would help you feel more at ease before the big event, something like a magic potion if there was a magic potion.


  1. Moser A, Ballard SM, Jensen J, Averett P. The influence of cannabis on sexual functioning and satisfaction. J Cannabis Res. 2023 Jan 20;5(1):2. doi: 10.1186/s42238-022-00169-2. PMID: 36658600; PMCID: PMC9854104.
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