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  • Curtains up!: Make your gift a lasting memory with one of these Philly shows

    Presents don’t need to be tangible.  Instead of buying an item that special someone will most likely lose, lose interest in or regift, give your loved one an experience that they will remember. Few things are better for those long lasting memories than the theater. These five shows will bring out the...

    • Dec 13, 2018
  • Barrymore Awards move to Bok Building and to more gender-inclusion for nominations

    Art, in all its forms, tends to reflect the immediate milieu – sometimes consciously, sometimes not.Most recently, the Philadelphia theater scene is knowingly responding to recent social movements, not only on global scales but local ones, as well.At the moment, such reassessments are not necessarily confined to avant garde or experimental performance...

    • Nov 1, 2018

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